Community Breakfast

Not sure who is organizing this, it was on the NC Peace and Justice Update List.

Saturday December 4, 10:00am, Weaver St Market, Carrboro

Friends: One of the most popular themes when progressives get together and discuss what needs to be done is the need for more social occasions to meet informally. To that end, we are inviting you to the first social activist Breakfast, at Weaver St Market on December 4th at 10am (we hope to make them monthly). We will have a brief check-in, where people can share concerns and announce projects and upcoming events for social change. Otherwise, it will just be an occasion to network and socialize. We would like to encourage the participation of as broad a spectrum of people as possible, so please forward this to any friends active for progressive social change.



There are a number of important events on the Peace&Justice calendar. One that might appeal to some who participated in the recent tangent on the WCHL thread is:

ANARCHISTS UNMASKED: Who We Are and What We Want
Tuesday, November 30, Hanes Art Center Auditorium, UNC, 7:30 pm

Five years ago on November 30, 1999, anarchists made history by shutting down the meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle, WA. Anarchists have been in the news recently in the triangle area following a demonstration which left the Republican Party State Headquarters with broken windows. This Tuesday, local anarchists will appear on UNC?s campus to dispel myths and articulate their positions on anarchism, direct action, and political protest. Join us for a panel discussion and community gathering to learn more about the growing anarchist movement.

Very good suggestion Dan! Education, Education, Education, Ya'll!

A link for the lazy who won't got to this discussion at UNC. A definition of Anarchism.

Here is a bit from the above link: "Philosophical anarchist thought does not intend to advocate chaos or anomie — it intends "anarchy" to refer to a manner of human relations that is intentionally established and maintained."

Did we just hijack this thread Ruby? :)

Thanks to the broken glass and other vandalism at the Republican HQ, my Republican friends seem to think that "voter fraud" happens on both sides. They seem to think Democrats were the vandals. So, hey, thanks. We appreciate that.

I like the breakfast idea - but what about us nightowls?

Another enjoyable way to learn a bit about anarchism is to read my novel The Anarchist, available at Internationalist Books.

Info at:

Well, dang, Ruby! I've already signed up for a local Democratic party public meeting to help guide the local party (
Wish I could go. Be sure to have more.

Dan's novel is one of the few that I've read in recent years. I highly recommend it.

I signed up for the same Democratic meeting. but, a good idea, Ruby

Thanks y'all, but I am not affiliated with the event. See above where I wrote "Not sure who is organizing this, it was on the NC Peace and Justice Update List."

Apparently the Carrboro holiday parade is also that day.

Ruby--this came out of a meeting we had about what to do next following the election a couple of weeks ago. I think there is a widespread feeling that we need to do a good deal of talking and networking to get our bearings in this post-election time. It would also be nice if we can create space where people can meet people who aren't in their everyday networks. And just chat.


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