What Now?

Guest Post by Liz Mason-Deese

A Community Planning Meeting on Surviving and Resisting Four More Years of the Bush Agenda Wednesday, Nov. 10, 7:30 PM, UNC-CH Rosenau Hall Room 133 (Public Health Building on S. Columbia St.)
For a campus map: http://www.unc.edu/visitors/mapshome.html

All members of the UNC and Chapel Hill/Carrboro/surrounding communities are invited! Please tell your friends!

The fact is, on Nov 2, 2004, we almost won. Millions of Americans got involved in politics: We met our neighbors; we felt part of a great movement for change. We can't let that energy go to waste. Now is the time to build that movement, to organize ourselves into a power that can stop our "leaders" from taking our country to disaster, and instead spread a vision for a new America. Our future is at stake. Being part of a movement for change is our best hope.

Liz is a junior at UNC-CH. She can be reached at liz.masondeese@gmail.com



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