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Today is Eyes on the Screen, nationwide grassroots screenings of "Eyes on the Prize," a very important documentary on the civil rights movement of the mid-twentieth century. You can watch in Carrboro:

Community Realty
February 8, 2005 at 8:00pm
201 North Greensboro Street
Approx Capacity: 15. 13 people plan to attend.
Organized by: Scott Morningstar
Episode 1
Bring a folding chair if you can.

As an African-American Studies minor (OK, over 10 years ago), I can attest to both this film's importance and to it's watchability. It allows the individuals who collectively formed the grassroots of this critical movement to speak for themselves and document their own experiences. The result is compelling and educational.



Ruby--I'm surprised you didn't explain the logic behind Eyes on the Screen. Eyes on the Prize can no longer be legally distributed because of copyright issues. This is really one of, if not the greatest educational documentaries available. This whole controversy speaks volumes about the nightmarish state of the free flow of information in our society these days. Do click on the Eyes on the Screen link in Ruby's original post to learn more.


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