Sustainability matters

Guest Post by Sarah Myers

With Chapel Hill debating how to spend extra transit money, Carrboro looking at several major downtown development projects, and Carolina North looming over it all, encouraging integrated transportation is a hot topic and one important to the entire community. The UNC Sustainability Office has invited Spenser Havlick to speak Monday, 3/7. This is a great opportunity for Orange County residents to learn more about transportation strategies from a well-known expert in the field.

Blurb from the UNC Sustainability Office:

Spenser Havlick, who co-authored Transportation & Sustainable Campus Communities with Will Toor, will speak at UNC next Monday night at 5 pm in the Tate-Turner-Kuralt School of Social Work. His presentation and great graphics demonstrate that campus communities can move beyond the car by focusing on public transit and infrastructure that better accommodates bikers and pedestrians. More information (including directions and a postable flyer) is available in the calendar at . Please distribute this to your networks so we can get the word out to individuals that would be interested. A reception and book signing will follow the talk.

Sarah Myers is the Construction Waste Specialist at UNC and a member of the Carrboro Environmental Advisory Board.



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