Dreams on display

Chapel Hill's Community Art Project this year invited us to to share our dreams. The result is a very broad range of objects, from children's drawings to mature poems, on display all over town. You can view the community's dreams in this online gallery (hosted by Andrew Ross), or on Thursday April 29 when the "dream tour" will be held in all venues hosting parts of the exhibit. DREAM runs until May 27.



It's Dream night!

Thursday, April 28, all of the venues for the Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission's Community Art Project - Dream will stay open from 6-9 p.m. for a Dream Tour. Everyone is invited to take this opportunity to visit each of the exhibition venues in one evening. Below is a list of the eight locations. This event is free and open to the public.

Chapel Hill Public Library
100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill

PTA Thrift Shop
89 South Elliott Road, Chapel Hill

Senior Center
400 South Elliott Road, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Museum
523 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Jack Sprat Cafe
161 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Town Hall
306 North Columbia Street, Chapel Hill

East End Gallery at the ArtsCenter
300-G East Main Street, Carrboro

Carrboro Town Hall
301 West Main Street, Carrboro

Also FYI for Ethan, the WXYC contribution is listed in the oline gallery. I think it's under the names of the DJs who submitted it.

My daughters have some entries:

Check out "Allore"

I'm so disappointed my crummy computer can't load this. It must be nice for those who can!

Thanks so much, Andrew, for this Online Gallery. It's a dreamy and delightful gift for the community.

Be sure to check out the Dreams feature from WXYC (which was submitted to the Community Art Project but I can't find a link to it on their site).


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