Rally today: no nukes in congress

There will be protests all around the country today to oppose The Nuclear Option- the Republicans' attempt to change the rules of the senate to suit their heavy-handed domination. Chapel Hillians will meet in front of the Franklin Street Post Office at 5pm.

Hope to see you there!

Peacefully Unite to Oppose Congress Going Nuclear at the Chapel Hill post office next Wednesday the 27th at 5PM! We will meet outside the Franklin Street Post office to peacefully protest the Congressional majority from Going Nuclear. Please bring signs, friends, and family as we join together in solidarity to demand that our minority's right to filibuster the right-wing-judicial takeover is preserved!

If you can't make it in person (or even if you can), take action at Planned Parenthood or MoveOn to let Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr know that Orange County does not support religious extremism.

UPDATE/NOTE: If you choose to comment on this thread, please limit yourself to discussing local events or local aspects of these issues. This is not a forum for discussing the Nuclear Option in general. Thanks.



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