Keep your fingers crossed. I am about to attempt to upgrade this site to the latest version of Wordpress. A a few things will inevitably break in the process. Please be patient. Thanks.


Yes I did! I wanted to make sure it was working before I made any big proclamations.

The new system requires moderator approval of *new* comments, but allows you to comment directly after you've had one comment approved.

Does it look to see if we had posted in the past, or is the approval starting over now with the upgrade?

Looks like it posted right away. :)

Did you mean to eliminate the email verification before posts appear?

Well, the upgrade was successful. The comments need some adjusting though...

Comments seem to be working correctly now.

What happened to the local blogroll?

The Local Blogroll is broken. It's not related to the upgrade. Our webhost changed the way they do something and Justin, who created the blogroll, is busy moving to California and hasn't been able to fix it.

Sorry for the confusion. Perhaps I can locate a similar script or WordPress plug-in that can serve this function for us.


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