Wasted Away in Horace Williams-ville

Last night, UNC's department of environment, health and safety held a public meeting on the latest plans for the hazardous waste clean-up at the Horace Williams property. I was unable to attend and am hopeful that a report will be made publicly available.

Some of Director Peter Reinhardt's comments, as reported in the Herald, were disturbing.

Reinhardt said he doesn't expect the work to create much disruption to the surrounding neighborhoods.

"It's so far away from any house that I can't imagine anyone will be able to hear it," Reinhardt said.

The buried waste will be excavated and removed from the site by hazardous material trucks.
Fencing will be erected around the site for safety reasons and to mark the area's perimeter, Reinhardt said.

My concern, having listened to the din when Horace Wms was the staging site for the power plant upgrade, is not the noise. Rather, it is what might enter the air and affect lungs, skin, or eyes.

Reinhardt also overlooks the many workers right next door to the site at the transportation center, the public works office, and the animal shelter. They surely are at risk for exposure should any problem arise and I imagine they would like to know what the contingency plans will be made as well as the risks.

It also would be helpful to know the extent to which the safety fence will keep joggers, hikers etc well away from the area.



You can find the power-point presentation from last night's meeting at http://www.ehs.unc.edu/rap.shtml. Also on that page are the full text of the Remedial Investigation Report and the Remediation Action Plan.

The question about the workers at the municipal yard was raised last night and Pete Reinhardt explained that he expects the source removal to occur after the Town has moved to the TOC.

In terms of noise, the pumps will be in a small equipment building. They are unlikely to make any significant noise; certainly less than already exists from the town operations there.


Thanks for the information and link, Linda. I'd wondered about that timing question.


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