We did it again

For the second year in a row, we have have won "Best Blog" from the Independent Weekly!

Last year, there was no reader pick for Best Blog so the Indy staff bestowed this honor upon Orange Politics. This year, the people have spoken and we are once again named the Best Local Blog!

Being chosen by the readers is an even bigger honor, and I'm very flattered and grateful. I especially appreciate Dan Coleman and the other OP contributors who create this site every day by sharing their knowledge and opinions. I also appreciate all the folks who read the site and comment regularly. There are many more who visit and don't comment, and that's just fine. If you are getting useful information and ideas, then we are doing our job. Please keep reading this and other local blogs!


Congratulations, Ruby! And congratulations to all those who make positive contributions to this site!

Thank you for a very good place to listen to differing opinions and share ideas. Through this site, I have the opportunity to "talk" to people who aren't part of my daily professional network, and that is a great asset in my own growing understanding of our community. Nice job.

Ruby, I agree that this award means even more than last year's. Especially coming on the heels of the blogger conference and FIona Morgan's feature article, there is a lot more awareness of blogging. Congratulations!

Awesome. And don't let the fact that WKNC won two awards call into question your own well-deserved one!


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