Downtown parties

The festivities downtown will go on this year, but sans alcohol (and beer distributor sponsorship). They are looking for folks to give $500 or more to sponsor the events, perhaps OrangePolitics readers could help out.

Here's an idea: Donate money through the PayPal button below or pledge a donation in the comments. If we get enough, we can list "The Readers of" as a sponsor of the downtown parties!

UPDATE: We now have a fail-safe way to support this project. Folks can make donations of support, but everyone gets their money back if we do not reach our target - $500. Click here to support the summer series!

For the summer event series, the first happening would be on June 15 -- a movie showing of "The Incredibles," at McCorkle Place on the UNC campus.

After that, the plan is to show outdoor movies every other Wednesday night at McCorkle Place, through the end of July. Outdoor concerts would be the other part of the mix, also at McCorkle Place.

They would start June 22 at 7:30 p.m. and run every other Wednesday through Aug. 3, with a season-ending concert on Aug. 13 at the Hargraves Center.

The schedule isn't finalized yet, and much depends on how well the rest of the sponsorship search goes.
- Chapel Hill Herald, 5/26/05

Also, the Downtown Economic Development Corporation is still looking for a director, so get your applications in!



This web site might be what you need for the donations.

Great idea. I've even heard about that site before. Why didn't I think of that?

I will set up a "fundable" item and we can raise money with the understanding that donors will get a full refund if we don't make it to $500. I'll add the link to this page later tonight...

Thanks to your suggestion, Spigot, folks can now donate at

Unfortunately, the tool forces every supporter to give the exact same amount. So I have set the target at $25 each, which means we need 20 people to donate. Is this too high or low?

HI Ruby, great idea, I just gave my $25.00! Thanks for taking the initiative to do this.

Thanks, Anita. We've already got 3 donors so far, we're 15% of the way there!

If folks want to chip in, just go to

UPDATE: We're now more than a third of the way to the goal of raising $500 to make OrangePolitics a sponsor of the summer movie and concert series in downtown Chapel Hill. We only need 13 more people to give $25 to do it. The deadline is this week, so please make your pledge right now if you can.

I'll give a OrangePolitics bumper sticker to anyone who donates toward this effort. Thanks!

UPDATE: We now only need 8 more people to donate before tomorrow morning. Remember, you'll get a free bumper sticker in thanks, and if we don't make our goal of $500, you will get your donation back.

Well, we didn't raise quite $500, but we came close and the CHDEDC said it was good enough! Plus I think a few more contributions may trickle in. If you still want to help, you can always donate or support us in other ways.


Damn. I got through once to contribute in my own name, but I wanted to contribute a second time in the name of Willow HIll Preschool but couldn't figure out how I'd done it the first time.
Count me in again and tell me how?

Thanks, Diana! You can always send a PayPal donation to editor [at] orangepolitics [dot] org .

Good work Ruby. Also, thanks to the CHDEDC who recognized that this is true community support!

Can you post the schedule for movies/concerts? I can forward it to you if you don't have it.

We will also be posting it on the page sometime next week.


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