Development Rights Taskforce

The Orange County Board of Commissioners is recruiting citizen volunteers for the Orange County Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Taskforce. This taskforce will evaluate the feasibility of establishing a TDR program in all or portions of the county. The taskforce will address: Sustainably balancing rural and urban areas, directing growth and development away from important natural and cultural resources and toward areas with municipal service potential and able to support urban densities, providing working farms with an alternative income potential, and developing policies to accommodate the sending and receiving areas of housing density and economic development to be added to the Comprehensive Plan. The County has hired a consultant to help in this endeavor.

The Board of Commissioners encourage all Orange County residents who are interested in the concept of a TDR program to apply for this taskforce. For more information on this and other Orange County Volunteer opportunities, visit the Orange County website, or Contact the Office of the Clerk at 245-2125 or for more information.

When applying for this board, please indicate your area of interest on your application (ex: Banking, Real Estate, Agriculture, Developer, Law, Planning, Natural Areas Advocacy, Environment, Utilities, Local Government, Community/Neighborhood Advocates, Other)



I saw list posted in the paper but there is still no info listed on the OC web site. The OC web site (volunteer opportunities) site was last updated 5/18/2005.

When can we expect more info to be posted?

If you go to the Orange County Website and click on "Volunteer Boards", you will be taken to the Volunteer Opportunities page. If you then click on "Current Recruitment" you will be taken to a listing of all current OC Volunteer Vacancies. Transfer of Development Rights Taskforce is listed there. If this listing does not include any/all information that you are seeking, you can also look here:

If you would like further information on TDR, you may call Glen Bowles in the OC Planning Department 245-2577.
For more information on all Orange County Volunteer Opportunities, you can always call Monica Evans, Orange County Board of Commissioners office, 245-2125.


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