I have a few cool new things to announce for OrangePolitics users.

First, you can now preview your comment before you submit it. Just look below the Submit button and you will see a live preview that updates as you type!

Second, user registration is now open to all. You may make your own account here by clicking on the Register link near the top of the right-hand navigation bar. Right now, the only thing this enables you to do is create your own user profile and write draft guest posts. If you do register, be sure to click on the Users tab to fill in your profile. And if you write a guest post, drop us a line to let us know it's there.

In the future, there may be other advantages to registering here, but right now it's mostly a novelty.

Finally, you junkies can now subscribe to get an e-mail notification every time a new thread is posted on OrangePolitics. Just go to and add your address. You can get off the list at any time. This way you can really be in the know. ;-)


Note that the preview box doesn't appear until you start typing. Pretty cool!

By the way, if you do register here at OP and you intend to write guest posts, please fill in your user information with at least your full name and either a link or a short biographical blurb. We don't allow anonymous authors here.


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