NC-CDHC Founder Carol Kirschenbaum Passes Away

Dr. Carol Kirschenbaum passed away last week in her home in Durham after an 8 year battle with ovarian cancer. Perhaps better known in Durham than in Orange County, Kirschenbaum was a leader in the fight to make access to health care a right for all North Carolinians.

She spearheaded the effort to pass a constitutional amendment (current HB 1358) that would read:

Health care is an essential safeguard of human life and dignity, and there is an obligation for the State to ensure that every resident is able to realize this fundamental right. Not later than July 1, 2007, the General Assembly shall provide by law a plan to ensure that by July 1, 2011, every resident of North Carolina has access to appropriate health care on a regular basis.

An obituary written by her husband Dennis Lazof can be found here.

It is Carol's wish that donations be made in her honor to "NC-CDHC" (NC Coalition to Defend Health Care) to be split between the state work and the national project. Please mark the check "Honoring Dr. K". Such donations should be mailed to NC-CDHC/ 1815 MLK Pkwy #2, PMB #142 / Durham, NC 27707.



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