Liz Brown wins 2005 Sheldon Award

I just got this news from my friends at Internationalist Books & Community Center. It's great to see they are continuing to address important local issues with this award.

Each year, Internationalist Books and Community Center of Chapel Hill recognizes a member of the Triangle community who carries on their deceased founder Bob Sheldon's work and breathes life into his legacy by being gentle and persistent, being radical and free-thinking, being playful and patient, and leading by example.

This year, Internationalist Books is happy to announce that Orange County Board of Education member Liz Brown will receive the 2005 “Bob Sheldon" Award. Liz will receive this award for her ongoing efforts to bring forth equality in Orange County's educational system.

Liz Brown will receive the Award on Friday, July 15, 2005 at the Internationalist Bookstore's annual member party. The party and award ceremony, open to the public, will begin at 7:00 PM at The Skylight Exchange & Nightlight located at 405 ½ Rosemary St. in Chapel Hill.

“Liz Brown's efforts have been largely responsible for the current dialogue in Orange County regarding equity of school funding” stated Internationalist Books Board Chair Kelly Wooten. “Internationalist Books was founded on the principles of social and economic justice, and Liz's work for the children of Orange County embodies those beliefs.”

Brown, who was elected to the Orange County School Board in 2004, lives on a farm near Dobson's Crossroads with her husband and two children.

Past winners of the Bob Sheldon Award include Ashley Osment, a local activist and attorney in Chapel Hill and Barbara Prear of Hillsborough, a union leader and housekeeper at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Internationalist Books is a volunteer run collective, a not-for-profit bookstore, a progressive community center, and community owned cooperative. The store was founded in 1981 by political activist Bob Sheldon. Originally founded to provide alternative information during the anti-apartheid movement in the 80s, the Internationalist has become a center of activism, political discussion, creative grassroots organizing, and a space which brings together people of all ages, sexual orientation, ethnic background, political beliefs and gender identity.



Congratulations Liz! Though you have made me crazy at times with your sweeping overgeneralizations about Chapel Hill parents, I have never doubted that your heart is in the right place. I admire your efforts on behalf of all students in this county.

I also give you a lot of credit for evolving with this issue and putting yourself in a position where you can effect change. Always remember you have allies here in town!

Hope your three children are well.


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