Tell Rep. Price to oppose CAFTA

Here's an alert from our friends at the Carolina Interfaith TaskForce On Central America:

Public Citizen is phoning members to ask them to phone [Congressman] David Price. He is undecided about how to vote on CAFTA, which will come before the house next week. Call the congressional switchboard at 1-866-340-9281 and ask to speak to him. You can email him at .

For information on CAFTA:

According to Public Citizen:

CAFTA is a piece in the FTAA jigsaw puzzle and is based on the same failed neoliberal NAFTA model. Its passage would serve to push ahead the corporate globalization model that has caused the "race to the bottom" in labor and environmental standards and would promote privatization and deregulation of key public services.

It still amazes me that even here in one of the most liberal (thanks, Chris) congressional districts in the country, we have such a milquetoast moderate representative! I know you can do better, Rep. Price!



"One of the most congressional districts," eh? :)

Anyway, you might find this of interest. President Bush is stumping for CAFTA in Charlotte on Friday:

Yes, don't you know - we are just the MOST. ;-)

I think I'll correct that, thanks Chris.

I had heard Bush was coming, but didn't know which city. Road trip!

As someone put it elsewhere, Bush is coming to the last remaining textile factory to tell them that CAFTA won't cause their shop to close.

Wish granted. News release from Price's office: "US Rep. David RPice announced today that he intends to vote 'no' on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which was passed by the House Ways & Means Committee and by the full Senate late last month."

Professed rationale: The agreement doesn't do enough to push trading partners to raise their labor and environmental standards. Also, the government has to strengthen programs offering short-term financial help and training to displaced workers.

For a different perspective, see Milliken & Co. is far from being a benign influence in mill-town South Carolina, where it used to be you couldn't swing a cat without hitting one of the company's plants or trucks.

Ruby offers that "we have such a milquetoast moderate representative! I know you can do better, Rep. Price!"

He has a 80% lifetime score from the ACLU and a 10% lifetime score from the ACU. Not exactly a "milquetoast moderate" is my opinion, but ...


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