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There was some talk a few months ago about the status of the Chapel Hill Town website. The new site is up. What do you think?

I don't know when it happened, but it appears that Carrboro's got a new one too.



Carrboro site looks good. A few things are easier to find than they used to be. But I have to admit, when I saw "Message Board" I thought "Forum," which I thought could be a great and terrible thing...

Both are big improvements, especially Chapel Hill's. Two things I like about CH over Carrboro:

-when you click on a department, you get the name of who's in charge right on top; at Carrboro you have to go instead to the directory.

-the bigger, more rounded fonts at the Chapel Hill site is a lot easier on aging eyes. Carrboro's font size should be increased.

My first thought on entering the Chapel Hill site: what are all these people smiling about?

At the Carrboro site: why no 360 degree panarama where you can pan left to the HT parking lot?

First, the CH site is a big improvement. I was able to get around a learn somethings I didn't know.

The site has three sets of links (on the left, across the top, and a stair step set in the upper right). It's a bit confusing to navigate around. Sometimes you click on the left to go down into a topic, but you have to click on the top to go back. On some pages a fourth set of links at the top appear, and that takes you back out, but those links are not always active. It could stand some standarization of navigation, is my point. My preference is to have one set of navigation links on the left, and as you drill down, the parent links to go back up appear either on the left or the top. But this is a disaster, just somewhat busy.

I was amused when under the menu selection "Services/Business" the first three "services" are about taxes. Unless the intent is to list how we serve the town, maybe some re-categorization is in order there.

I was also hoping there would be the "e-services" included on Burlington's website, if not more. That website is by the same company.

Again, though, a big stride forward, and keep improving it!

I meant to say "this is not a disaster." A distinction worth making.


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