Pollitt on Roberts

This announcement comes from Lucy Lewis via Joe Straley:

Subject: Dan Pollitt speaks out on Roberts nomination

Dear Friends,

Please help circulate info about this event to friends and listservs that you think would be interested - thanks! Hope to see you there.- Lucy

Dan Pollitt Speaks Out on Roberts Nomination to Supreme Court

Daniel Pollitt, Kenan Emeritus Professor of Law at UNC-CH, will present a talk on the nomination of John Roberts, Jr. to the US Supreme Court, on Sunday, August 14 at 11:45 am at the Community Church of Chapel Hill Unitarian Universalist, 106 Purefoy Road. Discussion will follow. Pollitt is an expert on constitutional law, and a former president of the NC branch of the American Civil Liberties Union. This program is being presented by the Charles M. Jones Peace and Justice Committee of the Community Church. The public is invited to attend. Free childcare is available by calling in advance. For more info, contact Lucy Lewis, 929-5983.



Thanks for this heads-up.

Bushco's relentless stonewalling on Roberts' records makes it hard to get to the essence of the man. We have to assume that the truth about Roberts is even uglier than the snippets we can glean from the miserable company he keeps. It'll be interesting to get Dan Pollitt's take on things.

The Carrboro Citizen has reported that Civil Rights lawyer, UNC Chapel Hill law professor and activist Dan Pollitt died this morning.James Coley


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