Also tonight...

As noted by the Daily Tar Heel, it's OrangePolitics' second birthday, and we will celebrating in Hell. They will be serving a special beverage called the OP - it's mostly orange but it's got some red in it. ;-)

You can come either during or after the Sierra Club forum (which will be televised at the bar), but there is not likely to be Internet access, so you may want to stay above ground to witness Tom's unstoppable liveblogging, round 2.

(Anyone who wants to come but is not 21, get in touch with me before 7 pm and I will see what we can do.)


What no ubiquitous Wifi? Another example where Wifi would be good for Downtown business....

Will, I don't know that it would reach down there even if there was wifi downtown. Some cell phones hardly even work there.

What no wifi in Hell? Does that mean no Will? :)

Where there's a Will, there's a way!

Maybe I can set up a tight beam from Wallace Deck ;-).

Hot damn, I wish I was there! Have an OP in Hell for me.


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