First endorsements!

Well that was fast. According to the Daily Tarheel, Students for a Progressive Chapel Hill have released their town council endorsements. Challengers Jason Baker, Laurin Easthom, Will Raymond and incumbent Mark Kleinschmidt all got the nod. They are also supporting incumbent Mayor Kevin Foy (why bother?).

"We expect candidates to have a record of service to Chapel Hill, a record of progressive leadership ... and a record of reaching out to students," the organization said in a statement.

The meaning of "progressive" includes standing up for the underprivileged and supporting civil liberties, said Tom Jensen, chair of the group.

The decision was based on questionnaires and position papers submitted by the candidates. Only mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff did not respond, acknowledging that he had not lived in town long enough to meet the criteria.

Jensen said that about 30 members of the group were ready to volunteer in the campaigns.

(Thanks for the tip, Gerry. And nice editorial.)



Thanks for the post Ruby. The reason we do our endorsements so early is because the main point of the organization is to provide a lot of grassroots support to the candidates it endorses. Seven weeks out from the election seems like a good time to get working. Our endorsement certainly won't produce a large voting block in the way the Sierra Club or Indy endorsement might, but we will be doing a lot of voter outreach for these candidates both on and off campus, and hopefully leading them to victory.

Has anybody actually seen Kevin Wolff?

Kevin Wolff lives in Parkside. I've driven past and there are always four cars in the drive way. He does exist, there is evidence his clan is still unpacking.

I saw him at the campus tour in August. He was almost constantly on his cell phone. That's the only thing I remember off the top of my head.

I met him as well, talked to him for quite some time. He said he was learning a lot about the community. He has a law practice that has followed him from Alexandria VA, mainly working with international business clients--copyrights, intellectual property I think. . His wife designs exhibit displays for museums around the country. I can't remember how many kids he said he had. Nice fellow, seemed quiet.

My neighborhood is trying to figure out who to endorse. We are trying to organize a questionaire to send to the candidates. Would you mind sharing either your questionaire or the responses? It would be great to get the position papers. I don't know if this is something you can share.



E-mail me at and I will send them to you.

I am honored to be recognized by Students for a Progressive Chapel Hill and to receive their endorsement to represent the progressive community on the Town Council. This isn't important to me because I'm a student - it's important because I stongly value the ideals of progressive leadership that our student body espouses. I look forward to serving the student body with the same level of consideration that I will give to all town residents. Just because many students are temporary citizens doesn't mean that they don't hold just as much of a vested interest in the town as anyone else, and I look foward to working with progressive UNC students within my campaign and in town affairs in the years to come.

Also, Amy and anyone else, if you're interested in reading my position paper on Carolina North it is now available on my website.

Thanks, Jason. I'll check out your paper.


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