Forum Tonight for Council and School Board Candidates

The Orange County Democratic Women is hosting a forum from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight for candidates for Chapel Hill Mayor and Council and for Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board.

Location: Southern Human Services Center, 2501 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill

7:30 Forum for Chapel Hill candidates
9:00 Forum for School Board Candidates

Moderator: Dan Coleman

Audience members will be invited to submit questions to the candidates.



Please explain the School Board Forum at 9 pm.
On the other thread it sounds like only 3 of the 4 school board candidates know about this event, and at least one of the candidates who does know about the forum just found out. It would be a wise collective decision for the school board candidates to choose to skip this apparently disorganized School Board Forum.

It's not Board members first, then school board. No one had scheduled it in that way. The decision was made to add school board members sort of late in the process, and I had trouble getting a hold of two of them.( busy signals on three different occasions) I would suggest that all candidates invest in voice mail on their phone # given to the BOE.

I would recommend that candidates be given timely notice--- one or two weeks notice sounds reasonable; notice on the day of the event seems most unreasonable.

Katrina--will the Orange County Democratic Women be issuing endorsements based on tonight's forum?

I would recommend that candidates be given timely notice— one or two weeks notice sounds reasonable; notice on the day of the event seems most unreasonable.

I agree. Potential attendees also need this kind of notice.

Good luck to the candidates tonight . . . I'm sure it will be an interesting discussion. I won't be able to be there, but if I could come and ask one question, it would be this:

What role should local elected officials have in addressing broader national issues? Specifically, would you vote in favor of a resolution calling on Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush?

Great. We get to decide between attending HS open House/Meet the teacher night or the school board forum? WAY to plan things. I suppose one could run from one to the other...but I have to go to WORK in the morning. Guess I'll just read about it in the paper.

And I agree--common courtesy would expect more timely notification.


It was a very nice forum. Good questions from the audience, and good answers from candidates. Attendance was high, especially for a forum 2 months before election day.

Thank you Democratic Women of Orange County.

Just an FYI. We're inviting school board candidates to both our Carrboro forum and our Chapel Hill forum, since they serve both communities. The Carrboro forum will be on the 4th of October, so those interested in the school board are welcome to attend our second forum. Location TBD, but most likely at the Exchange building on route 54, since the Century center is booked.

It sure whipped by quickly.

Thank you Katrina and thanks to the Orange Country Democratic Women - a good start to the campaign season.

Melanie, if you want a slightly vicarious thrill, here's a few photos.

To further Mark's comments, I thoroughly enjoyed the forum and I think that the questions generated a lot of diverse ideas which I hope can be considered by the town regardless of who comes out on top in November. The forum and the conversations I had afterwards gave me a lot of insight as to what people care about in this election, and I hope that the responses I gave helped to solidify my position on the record on a number of issues affecting Chapel Hill.

Thanks OCDW, and thank you Dan for moderating.

Since none of the newspapers reported on the forum, could the candidates give us some idea of what questions they were asked that they thought were most important or might need further elaboration?

The Carrboro forum is Oct 4 th? Have notices been sent to canidates? Anyone know about the League of Women Voters debate? I haven't heard about that either.My evening schedule is really booked this fall and I'm worried that without enough notice I will miss a debate.The Sierra Club has been great in giving notice and letting canidates know how the debate will be conducted

There were several reporters present so I imagine we will see some more news coverage.

My column in tomorrow's Herald will be on the forum. I will post it here as soon as possible thereafter which should help spur some further discussion.


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