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WUNC is now publishing podcasts * of their local/state news coverage, and of the locally-produced program The State of Things. I applaud them for this step, as well as for their live audio stream and open archives. There's also an unofficial blog by Terry Maguire discussing WUNC, which could use some dialogue. It seems to be a well-kept secret (until now).

Visit WUNC's podcasts page to suscribe. They are offering something called the WUNC PubCatcher, which I guess you can use if you don't have a program that can catch podcasts. You can also use iTunes to catch podcasts and video blogs(!).

* What's a podcast? Briefly, it's a lot like audio blogging in that you can subscribe to it the same way you can with a blog aggregator (like Bloglines). Then the audio files (MP3s) get automatically downloaded to your computer and/or your MP3 player whenever you check the subscription. Visit the Wikipedia entry or local podcaster Brian Russell to learn more.




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