Local media outlets have some polls to entertain us readers. Here's an opportunity to vote early and often:

News of Orange
Should intelligent design be taught in school?
Yes 20%
Yes, if evolution is also 25%
No 50%
I don't know 5%

Chapel Hill News
Do you support a special district tax for the Orange County Schools?
Yes 92%
No 7%
I don't know 1%

News & Observer
If mandatory water cutbacks are enacted, would you turn in your neighbors if you saw them violate the restrictions?
Yes 35%
No 53%
I'm not sure 12%

News 14 Carolina
Do you think the U.S. is making progress in the war against terrorism?
Yes 39%
No 61%



Sorry, not that bored.

I don't know about about you, but when a local paper asks if intelligent design should be taught in our schools, I perk up a bit! I thought people might be interested in visiting the News of Orange to add their votes on that.

If mandatory intelligence cutbacks are enacted, would you support a dumb-ass tax on people who want intelligent design taught in schools?

Do you think the U.S. is making progress on the war against intelligence?

NC DOT is asking citizens to participate in a survey on transportation issues in North Carolina.

BUT...You are leaving out Flying Spaghetti Monsterism! If you have some time--it MIGHT amuse.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the various news sites that have been "Touched by His Noodly Appendage."



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