Celebrate the Creek

It's time to Celebrate the Creek at the 2nd Bolin Creek Festival, 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. October 8th at Umstead Park in Chapel Hill. This family-oriented festival is sponsored by the Friends of Bolin Creek and admission is free. Please join your friends and family for a relaxing afternoon near the creek. Bring a blanket! For more information read the press release:

The Friends of Bolin Creek invite you to the 2nd Bolin Creek Festival planned for October 8th at Umstead Park in Chapel Hill from noon-6pm. The festival is being held as a celebration of the creek, it's neighbors, the hard work of local citizens on its behalf, and as an opportunity to meet kindred spirits, learn and have fun. We would like to raise awareness about Bolin Creek, a natural treasure which flows through the heart of Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of music, great food, win valuable prizes donated by local merchants, and learn about efforts to preserve the creek corridor and nearby woodlands.

The exciting musical program includes the Bradshaw Jazz Quartet, Conjunto con Libre Trio, United Church Brass Ensemble, Storm Front, Bolin Creek Harmony Boys, Berkeley Grimball, Amber Dutton and more! Cynthia Crossen will provide instruction in stream monitoring. A variety of activities are planned for children including games, drumming and a Paper Hand Puppet parade. A silent auction of merchandise and gift certificates donated by local merchants will be held to raise money for hurricane relief. Booths and exhibits for sharing information about other local environmental groups and activities are planned. A delicious array of foods and beverages including empanadas, hotdogs and smoothies will be sold. Other activities will include a hike downstream to the Chapel Hill Community Center and a run through Bolin Forest.

Parking will be available at the Exchange Swim Club as well as Umstead Park. The rain date is Sunday, October 9. More details about the program, food, transportation, and the raffle can be found by checking local media, popular bulletin boards, www.bolincreek.org, or contacting Dave Otto (966-6226)
Four reasons to preserve open space along Bolin Creek:

- Critical period in the development of the Bolin Creek Watershed
- Connect natural areas and parks for recreation and wildlife migration
- Protect the last intact stretches of natural habitat in southern Orange County
- Leave a legacy to future generations!!



I know--- two good events on the same day--- it's hard to avoid overlap in October.
Please note the sign at Estes Drive Ext. and N. Greensboro has the start time wrong. The festival really does start at noon, not 12:30. All you Walk for Education goers can still drop in for a spell.

For all interested, there will be a follow-up on the ‘Draft Map for Conservation Areas in the Upper Bolin Creek Watershed' tomorrow night at the BOA meeting. The map can be viewed at www.townofcarrboro.org

The Carrboro Board of Aldermen voted tonight
to accept a Conservation Map of the Bolin Creek Watershed. This is such an important step because now (as stated by Dave Otto):

1) We have a visual description of where we want to go
2) A map with boundaries communicates to the public and contributors what we can achieve
3) The map is necessary to solicit contributions and conservation easements and to submit funding applications

I encourage everyone to join the Friends of Bolin Creek in their future efforts to lead fund-raising efforts!

The goal is to establish a preserve for future generations--- that is--- 'a park with sufficient area to preserve the habitat of wildlife and to provide an authentic experience of nature'.

Celebrate the Creek has been moved to Sunday:

With an 80% chance of rain and thunder showers forecast for tomorrow, the Bolin Creek Festival will be held on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 from noon to 6 pm. The Sunday forecast calls for 30% chance of occasional showers. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Dave Otto,Chair
Friends of Bolin Creek

Happy rainy day, people. Dave was right to roll over to the rain date. No conflict with the Walk for Education, with high hopes for that effort, and another day to get the sound system buttoned down. The festival ground might be a tinch less wet on Sunday.

Just one more alert for anyone who missed the news: The Bolin Creek Festival is today, Sunday, from 12 p.m.- 6p.m. at Umstead Park, Chapel Hill. We may have some sunshine this afternoon too!

Just back from the festival but there's still plenty of time left for stragglers. Lots of fun for kids and adults. Great music. And many of your favorite OP personalities.

As we left, Misha exclaimed "That's it for George Bush. I'm voting for Will." If only.

That's cute. I'd vote Will Raymond for President too, but lacking that option, let's all just vote for him for Town Council.

Thanks to all those volunteers who contributed to making today's festival fun and rewarding. The music was outstanding as was the socializing. While the turnout wasn't a high as everyone hoped, I think it was still higher than last year, even on a rain date and a cloudy day. It's encouraging to see how supportive this community is of its waterways.

The event was most enjoyable, with a steady stream (pardon the pun) of Bolin Creek enthusiasts.

Let the record show that the sound system was solar-powered and the smoothie blender was bicycle-powered.

Percussive highlights = Alex Weiss of Different Drums leading an African welcome, and the egg-shaker velcro'd to one of soloist Berkeley Grimball's loafers.

'Twas way cool. Great music, food, 'n stuff! Nifty solar power rig! It worked beautifully.Thanks to Dave, Mary, Catherine and everyone who put it together!


And thanks to Wendy Smith and John Cantrell, my students, Josh, Evie, Soph and Emma for doing a Big Sweep during the Festival. As folks saw us Sweeping along Umstead they called across many 'Thank Yous!" How wonderful indeed.


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