Equality NC PAC Endorses Kleinschmidt for Chapel Hill Council

Kleinschmidt "outstanding leader for equal rights," ENC's Palmquist says.

Equality NC PAC announced today its endorsement of Mark Kleinschmidt for re-election to the Chapel Hill Town Council. The statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group cited his leadership on equal rights issues in making its choice.

The group is primarily active in state-level races, but makes endorsements in local races of statewide significance.

"Mark Kleinschmidt has proven himself as a leader who truly represents Chapel Hill's values of freedom, justice and equality," said Ian Palmquist, the group's Executive Director for Programs. "Mark is significant not only because he is one of four openly gay elected official in our state, but because of his outspoken and effective advocacy for equal rights."

Read the entire release.

This is an important endorsement, going far beyond the category of a group recognizing one from its own ranks. LGBT rights are under assault in North Carolina as around the country. In a rare endorsement in a local election, Equality NC PAC acknowledges Chapel Hill's ongoing leadership in civil rights and in working past the bigotry that finds a home in many other communities.

A true reflection of "Chapel Hill values," Mark is not only a leader for the LGBT community but is an outstanding leader for the town as a whole.



Congratulations Mark. Your personal dignity, integrity, and commitment to Truth come through. People respond to that. Your example changes minds.
Is this the only endorsement ENC has made? Will there be more?

What the endorsement means is that Mark is both an outstanding leader for LGBT rights and an outstanding Council member. Foy's voting record is irrelevant. Not everything is a matter of votes. I would be very surprised if Foy or any other local elected official consider themselves to be leaders in the LGBT cause to anywhere near the extent Mark is.

What do endorsements mean if either they don't interview any candidates , only talk to some or are not based on past actions?

Is kevin foy's voting record any different than Mark's on equality issues?

what is a "valid" endorsement anyway? What about "the Helena endorsement for a better Chapel Hill"...

Not to take anything away from Mark - I will vote for him - but what's up with a group that appears to not consider anyone else?

There seem to be "equality" issues with not treating all the candidates

Hmm... woman with no last name complains about what is 'valid'....
Helena, my apologies, if you are well-known to all, and I am the only one who does not know who you are.

Of the over 511,000 elected officials in the US, there are only about 300 who are openly gay. Over the last 4 years I have learned how important the 4 openly gay electeds in NC are to the LGBT community. As I told a reporter yesterday, I am very honored that ENC chose to endorse my campaign this year. Since my election in 2001, I have been asked to speak on issues of concern to the LGBT community all over the state and in several cities outside of North Carolina, and I receive several emails and telephone calls each year asking for assistance with problems LGBT people are having in their communities. Of course, you don't have to be gay to represent gay people, but no matter where the LGBT person lives in NC, for many of them, Mike Nelson is their Mayor, Julia Boseman is their Senator, Scott Herman is their soil and water commissioner, Gloria Faley was their school board member and Joe Herzenberg and I have been their Councilmembers. That's it. The sum of the openly gay elected officials to ever serve in office in North Carolina. When ENC told me they were endorsing me this year and in doing so were making a rare exception to their local government endorsement rule, I accepted their support as reflective of their appreciation for the work I have done on behalf of the LGBT community throughout the state and elsewhere -- work that has been in addition to my service to the Town and my work at CDPL. I have been deeply honored to represent this, my other community, in conjunction with my work for the citizens of Chapel Hill. The impact of actually having a seat at the table cannot be underestimated and it is not lost on a group of people who Franklin Graham suggested earlier this week should be PURGED from the soon to be re-built New Orleans in order to restore the city's moral core. (A reporter called me about this today, I didn't actually hear Mr. Graham's remarks on Good Morning America).

Also, another group, The Stonewall Democrats, who aren't currently active in NC, were active in 2001. They don't limit themselves to statewide elections and that year did make endorsements in races all across the triangle. That year, I believe Edith, Ed, myself, and I think Dorothy, received Council endorsements. Kevin and Lee Pavao both received an endorsement from Stonewall.

Mark has received an endorsement from The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. They write that Mark is "a champion of LGBT rights and a dedicated public servant, The Victory Fund is proud to endorse Mark Kleinschmidt in his bid for town council."


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