2005 Voter Guide

Well this has been a learning experience for me. Collecting and compiling just a little bit of information about the candidates was a lot more work than I expected. What I have so far is only what candidates provided for me, or information that was very easy to find (like endorsements).

I tried to e-mail all of them, but forgot a few in the first round (and don't have e-mail for all of them in spite of asking for it by snail mail). Any candidates who I missed, please contact me ASAP and accept my apologies. I still need to take pictures of a few more yard signs.

I will fill in the gaps here if and when I can. Volunteers are still appreciated!


I only got one response from Hillsborough, but I'll work on it...


The link to the school board voter guide (first screen) is linked to the Chapel Hill voter guide.

I can't reporoduce this error, Terri. Can you tell me where you are seeing the wrong link?

"See our OP Election Guides where we have links to all of the candidates, other voter guides, and information about these races: Chapel Hill, Carrboro, School Board"

The hyperlink for School Board goes to Chapel Hill.

A-ha! Thanks, it's been corrected.


The link to my website link is broken because it has extra html characters. Thanks for all the good work ou do in OP


Vote for Pam Hemminger!!!

Just got back from putting up almost 140 yard signs at polling places...now there's not much more to do but wait. WillR's and my day will start at around 4 AM.



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