Carrboro election: maps and graphs

The maps below show the percentages of votes by precinct garnered by each candidate for the Carrboro Board of Aldermen. I have also provided links to additional maps and graphs.

A couple of observations:

Additional maps and graphs:



True, Ryan lives in the Coles Store precinct but that is not her precinct which, according to the BOE, is Lions Club. Technically then, she did not win her precinct at all; she came in fifth.

A minor point, perhaps, but consider that some are suggesting that the aldermen appoint someone from the annexation area (i.e. Coles Store) and that said person should be Katrina, a bit of an ambigous proposition.

It seems that to clarify matters, it might behoove Katrina to change her registration back to Coles Store prior to the aldermen's appointment vote.

Splitting hairs here, Mark, but there are three mistakes.

1) The incoming board has not made an announcement, as you point out.

2) The Indy report says "her" precinct, referring to Coles Store. Yes, Katrina won handily there and the percentage is a tinch imprecise; but Coles Store will remain "that" precinct until January 31st.

3) Then there's the reference to the "next" annexation on top of mistake #2, indicating more cluelessness on the part of the reporter.

True, "next" is an error. I missed that.

It also occurred to me at dinner that the article might ambiguously imply that the Annexation Areas were able to vote in this past election and that the Annexation Areas have spoken regarding who their candidate is. Was that your issue, Mary?

The last three posts have covered all the mistakes. The reporter doesn't fully understand the situation. Bad reporting bothers me.

This article may not have been perfect but Fiona Morgan is a VERY good journalist. Don't judge someone too negatively from a few mistakes.

We are lucky to have her in the triangle.

I appreciate Fiona getting Aaron on the record vis-a-vis Ed. Sounds quite on target to me.

Hey Will,
The campaign is over. The election is done.
You can now turn off your "Attack Ed Harison" switch.
Ed won. Will lost. Dan failed.

Joe, all I lost was an election.

Joe, what did I fail at? I tried to inform voters through the meager means available about the problems with Ed's record. My efforts were confined to posts here and one letter to the editor of the Indy.

By what measure do you conclude that those small efforts "failed" to meet some goal that you presume for me? Ed dropped 700 votes from his 2001 total and lost three endorsements he received before, a huge drop for an incument. He received the lowest vote total for an incumbent winning reelection since at least 1990. I only played a small role but a lot of people figured out that there were problems with Ed.

So why are you still fighting the campaign? There's a concept you might consider called "being gracious in victory."

I second Joe Capowski's sentiments. The election is over. Ed was elected, you weren't. What you're doing now sounds like sour grapes from a sore loser. If you want to criticize Ed's efforts moving forward, that's fine. If you want to criticize any other Councilperson's future actions, that's fine as well. But your incessant criticism of the past serves no constructive purpose. It's time to focus on the future and what can be done to improve that future for CH. If you really cared as much for CH's future as you would have had the voters believe, you wouldn't be wasting your time beating a dead horse. Get over it and move on to something you can do something about.

Did the Indy article report on Jacquie Gist's publicly comparing Katrina Ryan to Karl Rove?

If not, that would be an inaccuracy, too.

Eric, inaccuracy or omission? Maybe neither. I have noticed that the media is loathe to pick up quotes from blogs, though they will on occasion comment on blog discussions. Does anyone know why this is? Online commenting is new to me: Am I wrong about this observation?

It seems that as public forums blogs would be fair game.

Dan, you can compare endorsements won or lost from election to election, but comparing of the number of votes lost like you are doing proves nothing.

In 2001, there were 10 candidates who received a total of 30,082 votes. Harrison received 4,101 votes or 13.63%. Harrison finished third (behind Wiggins and Verkerk) and 122 votes ahead of 4th place Kleinschmidt.

In 2005, there were seven candidates who received a total of 19,021 votes. Harrison received 3,106 votes or 16.32%. Harrison finished third (behind Easthom and Kleinschmidt) and 66 votes ahead of 4th place Thorpe.

So, I'm not sure where your 700 votes comes from or the other conclusions that you draw about popularity with the voters, but 16.32% beats 13.63%. Maybe the endorsers who didn't endorse him this time deserve credit for some of the increase that he received.

Thanks, Fred, for correcting my math. You are correct that Ed dropped 1000 votes (not 700), the biggest fall for a re-elected council candidate in at least 16 years.

Thanks also for clarifying that fewer votes is an indication of greater popularity. I'm sure that Will, Robin, and Jason take great comfort in that revelation.


As we used to say, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades". Ed won - whether it was by one vote or one-thousand, he is a Chapel Hill Council member for the next four years at least. Perhaps we can move on?

Maybe the endorsers who didn't endorse him this time deserve credit for some of the increase that he received.


Dan, he had a greater percentage this year than over 2001. Fewer (many) people voted. What's hard to understand about this? Percent of those who voted matters.

WillR, your opinion and his may diifer. Are you saying it's a lie?

Oh, Dan, for comparison, Mark Kleinschmidt got 3,979 votes for 4th place in 2001and 3,772 for second place in 2005. Is he less popular? I would say much more; it is 19.83% of the total vote this time versus 13.23% in 2001.

Ok. Let's say that, due to lower turnout, Ed and Mark both dropped the same 20% of their 2001 vote that Ed shows. Then, Mark's extra 873 votes over Ed this year apparently (according to Fred B) indicate the negative impact of the endorsements that he got but Ed did not get. Since Ed did not get those endorsements, he has not suffered the humiliation of a higher vote total. Laurin's even higher total (than Mark's) must therefore indicate that, despite the fact that she did not run in 2001, the endorsements she received hurt her even more than they hurt Mark thereby increasing her vote.

As Tweedledee said to Tweedledum, "that's logic."

Dan, you ought to switch over to comedy full time; I understand that there is now a comedy club in Carrboro, so let us know when you're on! You can start with an apples and oranges routine.

No, there is an IMPROV club in carrboro. There is a difference. DSI RULES!


Thanks, even better!
Mayor-elect Mark Chilton, who will be sworn in tonight in Carrboro Town Hall, has announced plans to schedule a special meeting of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen to discuss how to fill the seat he officially will vacate.

Chilton said the aldermen will meet Tuesday to determine a course of action. He said he expects the board to accept applications for the seat, the procedure used to add alderman Joal Hall Broun in 1998 following the death of Hank Anderson — the last time a mid-term vacancy occurred.

The procedure for filling the seat has been much disputed since the November election, with varying interpretations of the state and local laws that govern mid-term appointments.

Fourth-place finisher Katrina Ryan has manintained that she should fill the seat by virtue of her finish in the election, while Town Atttorney Mke Brough's interpretation of the Town Code suggests there should be an application process.



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