Herrera to announce "yellow bike" proposal

This Saturday morning at 10:30 at Carrboro Town Hall, John Herrera will present a proposal to develop a “yellow bike” program that has proven very successful in many communities in the US and around the world.

Yellow bike projects provide free access to bicycles for municipal transportation. The objective is to reduce the use of short auto trips, cut down on congestion and pollution, and increase mobility. It is called yellow bike because the bikes are usually painted a bright yellow color to clearly identify them as belonging to the program.

Herrera will be joinedby members of Critical Mass, a bicyclist rights organization, and the Recylcery, which repairs and gives away old bikes.

After the presentation Carrboro bicyclists are invited to join Herrera and supporters for a bike tour around Carrboro. A more detailed statement and information will be available at the event.



Great project! I've seen these bikes in Copenhagen where I hear this program works great. I'm glad John is going to spearhead this effort in Carrboro in his second term.

It is a neat project, in theory. Amsterdam has one also.

Campaigning is prohibited within fifty feet of Town Hall, with early voting taking place there until 1:00 PM.

I wonder what the merchants in Carrboro think of the "Yellow Bike" proposal?


I am surprised to see Carrboro moving toward a program that so visibly discriminates against the physically disabled.

Eric, Carrboro is not "moving toward" this program. In the short term, it's only one candidate's publicity stunt. But I don't see any discrimination in the picture.

Events like these are how candidates let voters know about their position on issues and their initiatives. Before John told me about this, I did not know that he participated in Critical Mass or that he was even aware of yellow bike.

Yellow bike could certainly be good for business. I know there are occasions when I would make another stop in town if I could just hop on a bike and ride over.

I agree with Catherine. Just because the physically disabled may not be able to use something doesn't mean that it is discrimination. Let's not carry political correctness to the extreme where we end up doing nothing. The yellow bike idea has worked in Europe and I can't think of a better place to try it in this area than Carrboro/Chapel Hill.

John mentioned the bike program early in his campaign. I know as I shared interest in it and told him so. I support bike sharing programs. I participated in its use in the Netherlands. It has great potential in Carrboro.

Melanie, I own the Great Clips in Carrboro and think the idea of the Yellow Bike program sounds great.

Amigo Daniel,

Thank you for posting the event. it is going to be fun and 50 feet away from the voting site(at the free speech area of the the Farmers Market, permission has been granted). This is just a simple idea/solution to a complex problem. I hope that many of you will get involve in this exciting project to make it a reality in our entire community. I am committed to do it.

I have spoken with many people, senior folks, business owners, UNC office of sustainability, members of the Sierra Club, including all the bicycle shops in Carrboro and Chapel Hill and they think this is feasible and exciting project.

There are many succesful community "Yellow Bike" programs in the US and else where. Research done in NC and around the world supports that the economic, social and environmental benefits far exceeds the costs of the program. I will tell you the full story tomorrow at the farmer's Market.

Eric thank you for raising the point of accessability to under-represented minorities, including the physically challenged people, that is something many of us sometimes forget to be aware of, But I disagree that this program as you said it "so visibly discriminates against the physically disabled." There are numerous of very cool design handcycles that we can make available to people. I will keep in mind your personal interest on the physically challenge people for future projects, we need more advocates like you to always raise and ask the right questions. Bikes were invented after wheelchairs and modeled after them. see link on history and more links for more fascinating facts on accessability to biking.
Meet carlos Moleda an immigrant that served this country on the Navy and lost his ability to walk in a war, but today he is a professional handcyclist. cicling mobility is not a descriminatory practice. The economics of our system make it cost prohibited to low wealth physically challenged people. but that is where government, community and organizations can partner to solve this problem.

Any way pull out your bike and helmet , and wheel chair and lets go for a fun family bike ride. It is gas free and guilt free, and you can join us when we chant SUV IS NOT FOR ME
Que Viva Carrboro!
Adios amigos

John Herrera for One Sustainable Carrboro

Hey, guys, not to state the obvious, but I believe Eric was kidding. Eric, stop picking on the wonks.

John, this is good work and that speaks for itself. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Ditto-- I read Eric as clear jest.

David, Mary: Quiet. You're blowing my cover.

Greetings from Hook Line & Sinker, Arizona. I swallowed the bait.

What's this? Humor? Levity? On OP?! My right to an atmosphere of appropriate gravitas is being infringed upon! Help, Help, I'm being oppressed!


Nice Python reference Alex.


The bike idea is great, but its really hot around here in the summer and bike riding can be hard on our out of shape population, so in order not to disciminate against this important group, I propose a fleet of yellow segways, zipping about town, each flying a Carrboro flag.

Hey! Somebody got it! So, now, What is your favorite color?
"red, no, blue!...aaahhhh!"

Not the best location for a press conference, interfering as it did with pedestrian traffic at the Farmers Market entrance. Mark and I both checked it out. Anyone looking for Alex this morning would have found him at the dedication of the Unsung Heroes Memorial at UNC.

Both John's press conference and the dedication of the Unsung Heroes Memorial were nice events, I thought. It was tough to fit the tight timing to be at both, but it was worth it!

This would be perfect for Carrboro! So perfect that I when I read this OP post it seemed almost as if it had come true already and we'd been living with yellow bikes for years. A note of caution: Carrboro has gained national media coverage and is quickly on its way to loosing it's un-discovered gem status. This may put it over the top and then what will happen to our cozy little town?

When I was on the Environmental Advisory Board two years ago, Rickie White was exploring this. I had to leave the Board before Rickie ever delivered a final report.

Of course, he's left town since. I'm curious if Rickie's work is reflected in Alderman Herrera's proposal. It would be a shame if it was not.


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