Felicitaciones a Carrboro

Kudos to the Daily Tarheel for running an article today in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately the Spanish version is online-only which is probably not the best way to reach all those Latino workers on campus, who might actually be interested in the subject matter: one woman's story how she became an immigrant and eventually a citizen.

Attending Carrboro's swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday reminded me how important John Herrerra's (re)election is to the Latino community. The event was attended by visible state-wide leaders like Matty Lazo-Chadderton (Director of Hispanic/Latino Affairs in the N.C. Senate's Office of the President Pro Tempore) and I spent at least a third of my evening practicing my rusty Spanish. It was a great feeling to know what a good example a small town like Carrboro can be to the rest of the state. And also a reminder that yo necesito practicar hablando espaƱol!



The writer (Gregorio Urbina) had another dual-language article run Nov. 21 if you're interested. I've added a link to both versions below. We hope to expand on this kind of coverage in the future.

In English:

In Spanish:

Jake Potter
Assistant City Editor

Hooray for Gregorio Urbina! Finally, we have a writer who has the ability and willingness to go beyond "the Hispanic challenge" issues and talk about actual Hispanic experiences. I hope his example is picked up by the large dailies who have avoided this kind of reporting out of fear of appearing pro-illegal immigration.

Thank you, Gregorio, for you courage. Your writing is a much needed window into Hispanic life in North Carolina. I look forward to your next article!

Thanks for the kind words. Ruby, we talked about the idea of running the Spanish article in the paper but we plan to save that for next semester when ... we'll launch an entire Spanish-language page once a month. As edited by Gregorio and myself the page will run the last Wednesday of each month and have stories such as these immigrant spotlights, calendars for the local Latino community and general trend stories, as well as perhapes a column from Gregorio about life as a Spanish-as-a-primary language student in the U.S.

I encourage you all to look at the Spanish versions online and to tell some of our Spanish-speaking-only readers to go there (We included the online promotion in Spanish so they would know it was there).

Look forward to talking to you all about the section next semester. The first one will run Jan. 25.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments.


Are you familiar with the Pa'lante Program in Carrboro (IFC building)? "Pa'lante is a group of teens dedicated to helping the Hispanic community in Orange County, NC. We publish the quarterly Spanish-langauge magazine, Pa'lante, that helps people learn about their community and giving useful information about education, recreational opportunities, and other things. We also do things like hold art and media literacy classes, take trips to the beach, go on educational tours of universities and businesses, and other activities that the members want to organize."

I bet the DTH could strike up a mutually beneficial relationship with those kids.


Not to be nit-picky, but we're the Daily Tar Heel, not the Daily Tarheel.


Several months ago I did talk to Laura about some of the kids being contributors to the section or helping us with story ideas. I love their newsletter and there are a lot of really good kids over there who I had the opportunity to meet at the municipal forum they held way back when.

I'll be getting back up with Laura soon to be sure. Any other ideas y'all have for the section definitely would be appreciated.


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