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Guest Post by Jacquie Gist

Help Save Our Democracy!

Please call Congress Member David Price's office NOW this weekend and encourage him to support John Conyers House Resolution 635 calling for the creation of a select committee to investigate the administration. The Congressman needs to know that many in his district consider this the most important thing he can do this term and we will remember his vote come election day.

Contact David Price:
Chapel Hill office: 919-967-7924
DC office: 202-225-1784



The number is 967-7924



And while you're at it, contact Orange County members (links below) of the NC Legislature and ask them to initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. Don't laugh, there's precedent for state initiatives. Follow the links and see what you think. The original diary on this is at Daily Kos.

Verla Insko

Joe Hackney

Ellie Kinnaird

Ellie's link isn't working. Try this.

I am very fond of David and think that he is a good man who wants to do the right thing.However he needs to understand that if he can not or will not take this step to protect our freedoms at this historic
turning point in our history we will find someone who can.The fear of losing an election is no excuse.We need to find someone willing to run in the primary to make the strong point that defending our rights matters more then winning an election.
Who is there-who would be willing to run in order to voice the progressive ideals-who would run and stand up for what they truly believe despite politcal pressure?
I am actualy thinking about it -knowing I couldn't win-if David will not back Conyers and no one else steps up


I am in complete agreement with you that we need leaders who will stand up for the integrity of democracy and all it entails, even when doing so runs counter to individual preference. I would like to see us make this an issue at the state level as well as nationally and locally. The shenanigans in Raleigh are as intolerable to me as anything happening in Washington. Representative government means that we expect our leaders to represent we the people and tell us directly and clearly what we need to know in order to make informed voting decisions.

While I don't agree with the call for impeachment, I do agree with many of the principles you and others are advocating for. I'm sick to death of the cronyism and backdoor dealing in Washington, in Raleigh and even here locally.


Terri, PLEASE! How can you lump our local government in with the hooligans in our State and Nation's Capitals??

Certainly they would not stoop to any backdoor dealing, especially on something as important as, e.g. the selection of the next Alderman. I think they all understand the repercussions of any kind of thing like that, right??

I for one am certain that they will do the right thing for all of Carrboro in this matter.

John-Let's talk about the board appointment on the link devoted to that.I think Jacquie is right.If Price won't support the Conyers resolution we need to find someone who will.


If you run, I'll max the donation for your primary campaign.

One of the reasons I moved to Carrboro was the interest and commitment it's Aldermen took on issues of national importance.

After moving here, I found you were at the heart of that commitment.

Joe Hackney responds, "You may have intended this for our congessman, David Price. Thanks, Joe." Oh swell...

How about Margaret Brown as a candidate?

Well Mark, since she lost her commissioner seat in the '04 Democratic primary, I think her appeal to progressive voters might not be what is needed in this situation. It's hard to know who would be good for this because our local elected officials don't often speak out on federal/congressional issues.

In addition to Jacquie, I think Mike Nelson would be a strong candidate for Price's seat.

This description of the meeting in Carrboro about impeachment (from Peggy Misch) might be relevant to the discussion here (have to admit I skipped out early, before the incident described):

Dan Coleman was the last person to ask a question or make a comment tonight. Rose Auman,
Price's campaign manager, and David Russell, his District Liaison, were in the audience. I did not
see their faces, but I understand they were quite upset when Dan did not ask the panelists
a question, but the audience: "If David Price does not respond to the peititons to be presented
to him on Monday, how many people would support another candidate in the primary? How many
would give money to another candidate? How many would spend some hours working for
another candidate?" Most of the audience raised hands!


But let me say for the record that primary runs need to be done soberly, with a solid organization and a sense of public support. Getting 30% in a primary against Price would be an earthquake (relatively speaking). Getting 5% in the primary won't prove anything to anybody.

How many in the 4th District consider this the most important thing that he can do this term? Does anyone have an idea?

David won this District in 2004 with 64% of the vote; Kerry received 55% and Bush had 44%. Has this issue grown strong enough legs that it will draw enough support from those who elected Price in 2004? Note that registration wise,the District in 2004 was D=46.8, R=31.6, and I=21.6.

FWIW, no NC district has a higher percentage of independents than the 4th.

My Hope is that David will hear our message loud and clear and will support the Conyers Resolution.When Al and company go to meet with him on Monday it would be a good idea for them to let him know that this conversation is taking place.It would be great to be able to vote for David in the primary-but not if he is not willing to take a brave stand on the most important issues facing us

Rather than break down the odds & attempt to predict the voters, it is inherently valuable and moral to make this challenge.

We are where we are today, in large part, because of increasingly arcane calculations and compromises in the name of playing the political game. In fact, the nuances of tweedledee being a whisker better than tweedledum are managing, in apparent violation of natural laws, to sustain the Democratic Party.

All that may be true Mark but it is very difficult to sit at one's keyboard and assume to know how 419,000+ people in the 4th District might feel about something.

Right on Fred!

Right on Mark!

Right on Jacquie!


PS . . . I've never thought it was the job of congresscritters to do what they think we the people want them to do. Rather, it seems the job is to be more knowledgeable and informed than most of we the people (god, I hope so) and then convince constituents that you're doing what is right and fair. We have a president who many objective observers believe is a criminal. Standing by and allowing his reign of error to run unchallenged is neither right nor fair.

Jim, I can only tell you that I puked when some people used that very argument on me to try to justify Jesse Helms doing what he did. Correct, it was "right," but hardly fair. Sad!

Ruby said:

"In addition to Jacquie, I think Mike Nelson would be a strong candidate for Price's seat."

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ruby. But I've got my eye on a different race this spring (announcement coming soon).

But Fred, the only practical way those 419,000 can communicate how they feel is by ballot or by making contact with their representative.

Maybe if some citizen leaders are able to "help" Price more clearly define his positions, the voters can make a more accurate decision next time. Isn't this how it is supposed to work?

Anybody know when today's meeting with Price will be?
I hope we get a full report on OP afterwards

Mark M., you are right; that's how the system is designed to work. What I'm pointing out is that Jacquie told us that Price should do something because "many" in his district feel that he should, and if he doesn't, he'll pay the price (no pun intended) in the next election. I asked how many is "many" and how do we know where these "many" people in the district stand on this issue.

Then Jim indicates in his "Right on Jacquie!" message above that he "never thought it was the job of congresscritters to do what they think we the people want them to do."

So which is it?

Price should clearly hear what the people in the district are saying on every issue and act accordingly. We send him up there to act on his best judgment everytime he votes. If his actions fail to meet the expectations that the majority of the people in the district have, he should be replaced in the next election. That's one of the main reasons why representatives have a two year term.

Of course, in this ideal construct, two elements of reality usually creep in - ignorance and apathy: some of the people just don't know and some of the people just don't care!

First - It's worth remembering one of the great campaign slogans in NC history:

"Does Congress really have to have a Price?"

Second - Price is at least out-of-touch enough with a huge number of people in his district that he doesn't even address the Iraq War in any substantial way in his mailings, web, etc.

And of course you are right - ignorance & apathy abound (partly because it is so well-cultivated & not often contradicted by our "leaders"), but we can't babysit those poor, pathetic fog-bound people so the question becomes shouldn't Price listen to the intelligent & communicative members of his district? A lot of them represent a helluva alot more votes than just themselves. And if a politician banks on the votes of the ignorant - well I guess I'm being somewhat redundant...

Run jacquie Run...

(or get Moses to run for price's seat so we can stop hearing about merger)

M. Nelson -

what's your position on merger (time for you to get your practice in on this question - which you will be asked when you run).

If you fall back on "equity" what does that mean?

Is Halkotis running again?


I'd guess Nelson wants to follow Kinnaird from the mayor's seat to the state Senate. I heard Kinnaird was neglecting at least some of the usual fundraising. Even if that's true, Nelson's position on merger could be important, but as important as in the County Commission.

Note: In a 2003 election forum, Nelson said he thought schools merger was inevitable.


".... but *not* as ...."

Ellie Kinnaird kicked off her reelection campaign last week.

And she not will be opposed by any former mayors of Carrboro... ;-)

So what is Mike running for? I'm sure you all know. Someone say it, please!

Hopefully, there will be something in the local media about this afternoon's address by Rep. Mel Watt, chair of the CBC, entitled "The State of the Union." The program was held at the NC Mutual Life insurance Co. auditorium and many local political figures were in attendance, including Rep. Price.

When asked the impeachment question, Rep. Watt indicated that he didn't know if there has been any criminal behavior, but based on what he currently knows, he doesn't see any impeachable offenses. It wasn't clear if the CBC or Watt will support the Conyers Resolution or not, but according to THOMAS, Watt is not a cosponsor at this time.

I am really having a difficult time with the idea that there exists any ambiguity regarding President Bush's criminal activity. The man is an admitted felon. He has forthrightly acknowledged that he acted outside the FISA statutes and fully intends to continue doing so. "The law be damned we are at war " appears to be all the justification required. Why is Congress sitting on it's hands and probably more importantly why are we allowing it to do so?

So add Mel Watt to the list of the a) hopelessly naive b)hypnotized by DNC inside-the-beltway bullshit or c) dumb as a rock. I thought Mel had good sense.

What a disappointment - what do these peopel want? Bestiality? 1st degree murder on prime-time TV? Oral sex out of wedlock?

James and Mark . . . I can't say enough to underscore and echo your outrage at how so-called Democrat leaders are handling themselves these days.

I was radicalized by the criminal government that ran reckless during Vietnam. And I find I am being radicalized again. If Democrats think they can take my energy and drive for granted, they had better think again.

I believe the Democrats are at risk of losing generations of support for their failure to demand accountability from the Bush regime. I know they're not in the majority, but goddamn it, they ought to stand for something. This news about Watt is just depressing as shit. What can possibly explain his bizarre response Fred reported to his question? Watt's either stupid, uninformed, or he's just got more important things to do than stand for the rule of law. Bleh.

Joan, The Carrboro rumor mill has our former Lord High Mayor aiming his political sights on that most august of all governing bodies The Orange County Board of Commissioners.

Thank you, James.

I had always thought of Watt as one of the brave ones.Is anyone talking to him-anyone we can get to talk to him.I wish these folks would wake up and see that this is not just another political game.What happens in the next few months will determine if our kids and grandkids live in a democracy governed by law.

I hope as much as the next person that some of these representatives will somehow see what is going on, but the sad fact is, if they haven't seen it yet, they are corrupted and unqualified to serve.

But we can't just give up-how do we make them see?Is anyone talking to Watts-we should at least flood his email and answering machine.Work with our friends in Durham

I believe that the writing has been on the wall for a long time. The Democratic Party has utterly failed in everty important way and is incapable of regaining the necessary power to be of any use as we try to reclaim the poltical landscape.

This is a tough pill to swallow for so many Democratic activists who think we don't have time to form an authentic opposition party. They believe that the Democratic Party can be reformed and is the only hope. I believe that they are in a state of denial and that it would take longer to reclaim the Democratic Party than it would to form an opposition party. We actually don't have time to fritter away trying to talk the stripes off the Democratic zebra.

Either alternative will take many years. Neither one offers a quick fix. It just seems to me that an opposition party that starts by telling the truth and builds on a foundation of integrity has a much better chance of appealing to folks who are looking for positive change than an effort to reform the Democratic Party which has in effect colluded with the corporate neo-fascists who have hijacked this country.

Any word on monday's meeting with Price?

Actually, Mark,
I think in this case it could easily be reformed from within..

If a locally elected leader who was willing to criticize the president and Price's voting record ran in the dem primary, assuming low voter turnout a lefty would have a decent chance of winning I think...

e.g. imagine IF moses carey ran critical of Bush and Price - you can not tell me price would get a higher vote in Durham/chapel hill carrboro...

However, many of our locally elected officials are very timid and do not want to step on toes...

Hey JB
I'm not afraid to step on toes!

Mark, I completely agree. I have felt for at least the last few years that an authentic progressive alternative is needed. The Dems have shown time and again that they are a hopeless case. I would like to see the party put out of it's misery.

The final test will be whether they wake up the voices of disenfachised Americans that will flock to a viable third party. If they fail to listen, we will know not to waste any more time trying to teach that old dog.

I hope you'll be running Jacquie...

this is a good place to start counting votes on things like the bankruptcy bill, original patriot act, favored nation trading status for china - all votes Tom Delay and our current rep share in common.

109th Congress
ACLU Score
Price 100%
Watt 100%
Delay 0%

LCV Score
Price 100%
Watt 100%
Delay 0%

ADA Score
Price 95%
Watt 95%
Delay 0%

Maybe what's more important is what they DON'T share in common.



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