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This announcement via e-mail from Al McSurely:

I hope you will post an open invitation to everyone about the 23rd Annual Martin Luther King Service at First Baptist on Monday, January 16th at 11 am. Dr. William Joseph Barber, Jr. will be speaking on War and Poverty. He recently won the Presidency of the State Conference of the NAACP, ousting the sitting President, Skip Alston, from Greensboro in October 2005.

Dr. Barber held the Statewide Directorship of the N.C. Human Relations Commission in the early l990's. He is an outspoken opponent against the War in Iraq, and takes most of his scriptural texts from the Old Testament prophets, like Dr. King. The State Conference of the NAACP has over 80 Branches, over 15,000 members.

Dr. Barber was strongly supported by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Branch 5689, under the leadership of Fred Battle, and the Northern Orange Branch, under the leadership of Keith Cook. Dr. Barber has named Al McSurely, local civil rights attorney, as the Chair of the Legal Redress Committee.

Also for the 23rd consecutive year, there will be a Rally and March starting at the Franklin Street Post Office at 9:30 am. on Monday, the l6th.



Is Rev. Barber speaking at 11pm (as stated above) or 11am?

Here is another event:

Confronting Katrina: A Teach-in on the Politics of Disaster
and the Geographies of Suffering

Part of the Martin Luther King Day Commemoration
Monday, January 16, 2006
10:30AM-- 4:45PM
Mary Lou Williams Center, West Campus


A small group of faculty and students has organized a one-day teach-in on
the Katrina crisis and how it both reflects and projects racialized, class,
regional, and soci-economic relations in the US today. A mixture of talks,
photo-journalistic reportage, testimony from survivors, critical
commentary, and public discussion, the day is divided into three sessions,
each focusing on a stage and aspect of the crisis: Destruction (10:30 -
1:00), Relief (1:30 -3:00), and Reconstruction (3:15 -4:45). Box-lunches
provided (1:00 - 1:30). Speakers will include Danille Taylor, Dean of
Humanities, Dillard University; Ken Surin; Mark Anthony Neal; Wahneema
Lubiano; Ray Urquhart; Steve Sherman; Chris Kromm; and others. Feel free to
drop in on the sessions that most interest you. The program is sponsored
by African and African American Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Literature
and the Center for Critical United States Studies.

Naturally you are right in thinking that the church service is at 11AM.

Duly corrected. Thanks, Steve.

Here's another addition from the Town of Chapel Hill. This is TODAY.

The Town of Chapel Hill's Public Works employees will host the Eighth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 13, in the Public Works Department, 1099 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Featured will be Chapel Hill Town Council Member Bill Thorpe, who will speak on "Dreams: Becoming a Reality Through War and Poverty," a Public Works gospel musical group, and the Ebone Dancers of Hargraves Center. For more information, call Maggie Burnett at 968-2796.

And here are yet more events, via the Orange County Democratic Party:

*"A Conversation on Poverty and Segregation"*
*January 17, 2006
12-1 p.m. School of Law Rotunda*
*Special guest - Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President of the NC NAACP State Conference*

Please join the Center for Civil Rights, the UNC Black Law Student Association, and the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity for an important discussion on segregation and poverty in America. Rev. William Barber, Pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church and President of the North Carolina NAACP State Conference, will give a lecture on the issues of race and poverty in recognition of the MLK, Jr. holiday. Please join us for an interesting lecture and a chance for discussion on these critical issues. Bring your questions and comments!

This event is free and open to the public - please park in the NC 54 Lot. The event will be video and audio taped, so look for the links on our website after the event

At the risk of going national just briefly, please note

Al Gore's speech today in Celebration of Dr. King's birthday and a warning that We the People must guard our constituion at all levels of government. He reminds that MLK, Jr. was illegally wiretapped by the government (all in the name of security) and gives a stirring argument for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Since he explains why Congress is so impotent at protecting the Constituion, it calls to mind that grassroots efforts might take on more meaning in this election year. Sure would be great to see the 50 governors do something real.


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