Some great blogs around here

In addition to all the interesting local blogs listed on the OP local blogroll, I'd like to call your attention to some of the really outstanding political blogs around central North Carolina:

Facing South - The Institute for Southern Studies has been a strong voice for the progressive south for decades. Now their blog tackles current events across the region in a substantial way. Their post-Katrina reporting has been invaluable.

N.C. Conservation Network - This group connects environmental groups across the state and the blog adds a more personal tone to the issues.

BlueNC - Like a dailyKOS for North Carolina. Covers statewide and legislative issues, each registered user can write their own blog on the site.

dent - The Independent Weekly's blog has interesting new content every day from the writers and editors of the Indy. This has to be the most under-appreciated blog in the Triangle area.

And finally, I find Council Member Sally Greene's blog to be very thoughtful and actually informative about things going on in Chapel Hill. There are other good personal blogs covering local issues, but none of them are as regularly insightful as Sally.




2nd ANGLICO . . . Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company.

I was assigned there for three years - at Camp Lejeune. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.

Many thanks, Ruby. I'm fond of OP and your occasional rants and randomness, too.

Thanks for sharing this, Ruby. There's not nearly enough time in the day to see everything, so it's great to have see your recommendations.


PS Though I will be having a bit more time now that I've cancelled my subscription to the N&O.


Just kidding, but anyone who takes the time to read OP and one of these other blogs will realize that one of our own is a leading blogger there. I'm not going to give away which blog it is though.

I heart BlueNC.

Mr. Peterson reminds me that I forgot to mention, I heart BlueNC too.

James "Anglico" Protzman

Hey Jim, I worked with more than a few ANGLICO teams over the years. Is that the source of your blognym?

I'm honored that you'd call BlueNC a dailyKos for NC; that may be, but our highest aspiration is to become an for the state. The highest compliment of all, of course, is a place alongside the other blogs in your list. Thanks!

So that's what Anglico means. I thought it was some take on anglophile...damn, I just realized that is now in my long term memory. Which, is usefull for trivial pursuit (I rule) but I'm wondering what piece of information or skill set I j39t lazt. zy teli.

I heartily recommend Facing South.

As far as the Katrina coverage goes, the blog entries at Facing South are usually cross-posts from another great ISS site — Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch.

Also worthy of the list, Raleigh Eco News by Sue Sturgis.


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