Breaking News: Horton Retires

Breaking news from Sally Greene's e-mail newsletter: Cal Horton is retiring as Chapel Hill Town Manager effective September 1st. A week of big change for our staff management in Orange County.



Cal called council members today to tell us this news, and I did post it to my council listserv. I think we all should wait till he makes a more formal announcement to respond.

Thank you for the clarification Sally.

After the formal announcement will Council form a search committee? I did a quick review of what I could find on the 'net about Cal's hiring - I'm curious if Council would like to adopt a different process this time?

Wow! This is a big deal. The timing is especially interesting after John Link just announced his retirement as County Manager, and Carrboro's manager Steve Stewart is relatively new on the job. Will we see a change in direction with new managers leading our local governments?

Maybe Joe C. can help us with the wayback machine, but from reading the minutes from Jan. through June 25th, 1990 (the day they offered Cal "the job"), there's not too much definitive information on what then Mayor Howes called a "broad spectrum of criteria... used in evaluating candidates."

So far, searches of local news archives haven't yielded much more.

I hope current Council will be mindful of the recent Waldon debacle, avoid the temptation of expediency and keep the "revolving door" closed.

Well, the HS is reporting that Cal will make it official today and notes that

information then was picked up and posted on the blog

Wonder which 'blog ?

From Rob Shapard,

Town Manager Cal Horton, Chapel Hill's top administrator for more than a decade, plans to announce his retirement today.

In a letter that council members received Wednesday, Horton said he planned to retire Sept. 1. The letter said he would tell the heads of town departments of his plans Wednesday, and that he would make a public announcement today.

Given the timing are Horton and Link starting a consulting company? :)

I hope Mr. Horton doesn't expect the revolving door.

I know Cal plans to continue teaching at the Institute of Government, but from my talk with him this morning, I doubt there are plans for a consulting company with mr Link.

you never can tell, though.

ok..everyone in Carrboro be real nice to Steve Stewart! We don't want this trend to go any further or for one of our bigger nieghbors to try to snake him from us!

Cal was already on board when I joined the council in 1991.
I don't know much about the process that hired him.
David Taylor was town manager before Cal, and I don't
remember why he (Taylor) resigned.

Congratulations to Cal for many years of service to our community. Chapel Hill is a great town and Cal Horton should be proud to say it.

Cal was already in place when I joined the council too. I remember one of my early negotiations with him in which he said, "I only know one way to do this: with all my cards face-up on the table." That certainly reflected my experience with him. I didn't always like the cards Cal was showing, but at least I knew what they were.

Congratulations, Cal, for a good, long run. It was a privilege and a pleasure working with you.

Add Steve Halkiotis to the mix. He announced his retirement from the Board of Commissioners tonight, after 20 years of service.

Horton, Link & Halkiotis?


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