Congrats, Dan

In addition to being the newest member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, OP's own Dan Coleman is also the winner of today's Village Pride Award from WCHL! Click here to hear the MP3. (There is no archive so the link works today only.)

I encourage you all to nominate your own friends and colleagues for this award. It's a great way to recognize all kinds of leadership.

While I'm here, congrats to WCHL on the recent re-design of their web site, including two new ways to get local news: text archives* and audio podcasts. Thanks, WCHL! (* If the archives had a syndicated feed they'd be even better and I could add them to our local blogroll.)

Thanks to astute OP reader Fred Black for the tip on Dan's award.


and cats and dogs will lay down together.......

Ditto Cam. Congratulations Dan!

Yes, congratulations, Dan. I would also like to point out that Ruby Sinreich has been a Village Pride Award winner at WCHL, along with several other people who frequent We are always looking for special people to recognize. So many people in our community deserve praise, but it's impossible to know about all of them. If you know of someone you'd like to put in the spotlight, email me with the information. The WCHL Village Pride Award is announced at about 52 minutes past the hour between 6 and 9am on the News Talk 1360 WCHL Morning Show.

To clue y'all in, we have been working on selectively streaming our audio for some time.

We have the technology now, but certainly not the money that our syndicated hosts and sports sponsors are asking. The trick is in streaming Only our locally produced programs. Since we can't do that, it looks like we're podcasters.

(I still want to call it RonCasting)

So in the meantime, any requests will be both appreciated and considered, because we are on the cusp of returning WCHL to the favored status it once held in this community.

Thanks for your patience everybody - and don't hesitate to use that link to send us story ideas.... VPAs... commentaries.

this is Your station.


And I suppose if you were to email me, you might need my email address. Sorry. It's Thanks!

There's nothing wrong with Roncasting. It's the hyperlocal stuff that sets WCHL (and WCOM) apart. WUNC makes State of Things available for download (podcasting with rss would be nice, but i haven't checked to see where they are with that).

I should add that WUNC State of Things is both download and podcast. I have it there in iTunes. And I've added the Roncast now. Both work nicely and since I don't usually get to hear either live, I'm delighted to have the subscription option working.

In addition to sending us nominations for the Village Pride Award, the opportunity remains for you to contribute a commentary to air on our morning show. As long as it's local, and as long as you're expressing an opinion for which someone else could have an opposing view (gee, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?) There is a 90-second time limit. Each day's commentary is heard 3 times between 6 and 9am, and posted on our website, too, so you can hear that day's opinion if you missed it in the morning. These are local folks doing local commentaries on News Talk 1360 WCHL, Chapel Hill-Carrboro's News Talk and Tar Heels Station. Thanks for listening and contributing.


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