Happy Black History Month

The Chapel Hill Public Arts Commission is opening an exhibit today at Town Hall that will include "photos, yearbooks, prom invitations, church bulletins, signs, etc., in order to highlight the people, churches, businesses, and recreational activities that have defined the African American community in Chapel Hill for decades." (CHPAC says it starts at 5:30, but I can't even find a mention on the town web site!)

Wednesday was the anniversary of the Greensboro Four's courageous action at a Woolworth lunch counter that sparked a national sit-in movement.

The Independent Weekly has a great profile on the man who thoroughly rocked us First Baptist on Martin Luther King Day: The Rev. William Barber, president of the NC Conference of the NAACP.

The ArtsCenter has some good programs: African American Dance Ensemble on 2/7/06, and Tired Souls: King & The Untold Stories of the Montgomery Bus Boycott presented by Mike Wiley on 2/9/06. You've got to love the AADE, they've been bringing good vibes to everyone in the Triangle for decades. When I was a kid, they would come to my school and make everyone dance with them. Nobody didn't have a good time.

Please share any other events going on for Black History Month in the comments.



The UNC-Chapel Hill University Library offers a free guided treasure tour on the theme of “African-American History.” Fri., Feb. 10, 3:00-4:30 p.m., meet in the lobby of Wilson Library. Included will be the original manuscripts of George Moses Horton, a former slave from Chatham County and the first African-American to publish a book in the South, and materials relating to the integration of the Chapel HIll campus. For more information about the tour, call (919) 962-1172 or 962-1143.

February is also the last chance to see the exhibition “Slavery and the Making of the University: Celebrating our Unsung Heroes, Bond and Free.” It will be on display through February 28 in the Manuscripts Department on the fourth floor of Wilson Library. For information call (919) 962-1345.

On WUNC tonight at 10PM they're showing "Negroes With Guns," a documentary about Robert F. Williams of Monroe, NC.


I also recommend reading the book by Timothy Tyson, "Radio Free Dixie."


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