New local transportation head

I haven't seen it in any of the papers, but I noticed this tidbit on the Town of Chapel Hill website today:

Town Manager Cal Horton announced today that the general manager for the Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority, K. Stephen Spade, has accepted a position as transportation director for the Town of Chapel Hill. Spade will begin in April...

Spade has worked for the Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority for 31 years. The MTA is an independent governmental agency providing public transit service to seven cities and Polk County, Iowa. The transit system provides fixed route, express, commuter and paratransit service throughout Polk County. MTA also provides vanpool services in 14 counties surrounding Polk County.
- Town of Chapel Hill - Town Manager Announces New Transit Director, 2/17/06

Anyone have experience on the Des Moine transit system?


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