Smith Level Roundabout

The Carrboro Transportation Board has recommended a roundabout at the Carrboro High School entrance at Smith Level and Rock Haven roads. My guess is that public resistance to this roundabout may be strong. (Read the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Status Report, Vol. 36, No. 7). I further doubt NCDOT and the school system will push it. My guess is that without serious community education about the difference between a modern day roundabout and a Boston rotary this proposal will go over like a lead brick.

Furthermore, according to the Chapel Hill News, Steve Scroggs, assistant superintendent CHCCS, is concerned that this roundabout may put the third high school behind schedule or raise costs. The next step is for the aldermen to ask the school board for its opinion on the roundabout. I personally like roundabouts--- they reduce injury crashes and intersection delays. If there is room for a sufficiently large roundabout at this location and if we can be assured that pedestrian crossing will be safe for all, a roundabout at this intersection could work well. For more reading go to: Federal Highway Administration's Roundabouts: An Information Guide, Chapter 5 - Safety .


Interesting new legislation was passed this session giving local governments more control over TIP funding.

Anyone know how this might impact the Smith Level Road improvements DOT has proposed?



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