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Monday begins the filing period for the spring primaries and fall elections. We will be collecting information as we go at the 2006 OP Election Guide.

Known candidates so far are Mike Nelson (D), Jamie Daniel (R), and incumbent Alice Gordon (D) for County Commissioner; and Adam Stein (D) for Superior Court Judge.

Please post any reports of additional candiates filing in the comments.



Thanks Mark. I'll add it to our Election Guide.

Judicial filings are handled at the state level
They do not have any filings listed yet.

Handled there will be the District Court 15B seats (now held by Joe Buckner), and the two superior court district 15B seats (Carl Fox and the new seat).

For district court, if three or more candidates file, there will be a non-partisan primary in May with the top 2 finishers moving on to November. If there are two or less candidates filing, the election goes on the November ballot, no primary.

For superior court, it will be a "vote for two". If five or more candidates file, there will be a primary in May with the top 4 finishers moving on to November. If there are four or less candidates filing, the election goes on the November ballot, no primary.

should be clear, only one district court seat up in 15B (Orange/Chatham) this year, the other three are up in 2008.

The action so far today is mostly at the legislative level- incumbents Ellie Kinnaird, Bill Faison, and Verla Insko have all filed.

Mike Nelson's made it official for County Commissioner.

Debbie Piscitelli has filed for the Orange County School Board. Google tells me she supports merger and is the President of the PTO at Pathways Elementary School.

Joyce Pearson, incumbent Register of Deeds, has filed for reelection.

Two years ago there was some discussion here about whether she should be doing more to legalize gay marriage-

A Tony McKnight has filed for Orange County School Board. Can't find much information- looks like he took his son to a Martin Luther King Day celebration in Hillsborough last year, which is always a good thing. And he is/was a coach for the Cedar Ridge JV Women's Basketball team- assuming it's the correct Tony McKnight.

Anyone else have more information?
Candidates Filing List for end of day February 13, 2006

(We have not had time to enter all candidates into our Candidate Filing Application. Check back tomorrow morning. We will update the list at the end of every filing day. )
shows legislative, congressional and judicial


Thanks Gerry-

Also an Alvin Reed of Chatham County has filed to run against Joe Hackney in House District 54 (as a Republican.) I couldn't find any information about him, but since Hackney was completely unopposed in 2004 I guess this'll be a tougher year for him.

I've heard that Gov. Easley has appointed ADA Alan Badour to the new Superior Court seat making him the incumbent in that race.

While Alan has been a fine ADA, I'm disappointed Adam didn't get the appointment. I believe Adam, with his more than 4 decades of experience working in a variety of areas including school desegregation cases, complex civil litigation, criminal defense, civil rights, and congressional districting, in conjunction with his community leadership experience make him an excellent choice to fill the new seat on the Superior Court bench.

Alvin Reed is running against Hackney to 'repair the moral fabric of society,' reports today's News and Observer.


He also has 23 years of business experience.

Today's News:

Alice Gordon has officially filed for reelection, and Ted Triebel has filed for the Orange County School Board. Seems like that race is where the action's going to be this spring, along with the Superior Court race

of course, unless five or more file for superior court we won't see that on the ballot until November.

According to the Durham County Board of Elections, an Oscar Lewis of Durham has filed to run in the Democratic primary against David Price. Anyone know who he is?

Oscar Lewis was a member of the Durham City Council in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I last spoke with him at the opening in late summer 2004 of the Sonja Haynes Stone Center. He told me then that he worked on the Carolina campus fairly frequently in his profession of repairing and servicing copy machines. He was endorsed by the Durham Commitee on Black Affairs when he ran for City Council and will presumably seek their support again for this Congressional race.

Thanks for the info Ed!

Here's the Herald-Sun article about him:

What a dream oppoment for David Price, like a wish come true.

Another pinhead who thinks that the Iraq War was a mistake but we need to stay and "win".

Kent Kanoy of Carrboro filed today for Price's seat. According to google he's a licensed social worker and is employed at Duke. He put up the morning in summer 2004 for there to be free screenings of Fahrenheit 9/11 at the Varsity. And he's a basketball fan.

He put up the *money*

Kent Kanoy's filing is great news. His main platform is the impeachment of Bush.

It would be great of Oscar Lewis could be talked out of running.

District Court Judge Chuck Anderson has also filed for the Superior Court seat.

Steve Halkiotis announced last night that he is not running.

Wow, that's a surprise about Steve! Good news for Mike Nelson, I think.

i just wanted to let your organization know that i would appreciate your support of my candidacy as i take on david price. my first action, as rep. of the 4th district, will be to co-sponsor the conyers resolution(HR 635) and my second action will be to co-sponsor jack murtha's resolution to immediately re-deploy troops in iraq

on other issues:

i will advocate the repeal the patriot act--- it compromises our privacy and liberties and provides no real security

i will push for true lobby reform --- members of congress shall not accept any gratuity from any special interest group no matter how large or small(not even a cup of coffee)

i will introduce a resolution that will require congress to create and fund a health care system that provides every citizen health care equal to the health care provided members of congress---- if it can't be done for our citizens, then the congressional health care plan should be eliminated as a benefit, and members of congress should purchase their own coverage out of their own pockets( mr. congress person meet mr. HMO)


kent kanoy

Thank you Kent.

Running a campaign built on bedrock principles is something I can get behind.

When will you have a web site up so we can get a bit more info on volunteering, your further platform, donating, etc.?

When Kent and I spoke, it was my understanding that he will accept no donations.

"When Kent and I spoke, it was my understanding that he will accept no donations."

If this is indeed the case, hopefully Kent will reconsider. Moral victories may be nice but actual victories have more meaning. We know who travels the moral high road here but who carries the day is what will matter.

i am meeting with friends this morning to help me set up a web site...i will post the address here as soon as we are up and running...

it is true that i am accepting no is a slippery slope that i want to avoid... i understand that this makes the campaign less viable in a major way, but i am hoping that the media will come to see this campaign as an experiment in democracy in its purest form ie. can an ordinary citizen without a political machine win a seat in congress because of the sheer power of the idea ?
is there really another story in this primary season more compelling ?

imagine having a rep. who is not owned by anyone,takes nothing from lobbyists,spends no time on fund raising,and spends all of his time representing the constituents and doing exactly what he says he was going to do without fear of "political consequences"

wouldn't it be something if the 4th district became the conscience of america ? now there is a story !

thanks for giving me this forum,



I think you should reconsider accepting donations. I don't believe that small donations from regular people will compromise the ethics of your campaign. (One strategy is to constantly report who donated and how much.) I'd hate to see you run with one hand tied behind your back.

Seriously, not accepting donations is like hanging a big sign on your campaign that says "just kidding!" Especially for any office above the municipal level.

Tom Vanderbeck is running for Chatham County Commissioner to challenge Bunky - great guy with a true progressive philosophy.


I admire your principles. But if there is one thing I learned last year is that accepting donations is crucial in a campaign. I chose not to accept donations, for some of the same reasons as you, putting my faith in the active political participation of people in their future, thinking--wrongly--that if the candidate and the message were strong enough, and the media did their job, and the forums were well-attended, all would be well.

The results were sadly predictable. You'll lose, sir, without having people feel invested in your candidacy. It's noble but foolhardy denial to think otherwise.

Kent, do you want the job or just the platform?

Without knowing anything about anyone, I would think that someone who wasn't accepting donations would have money to burn. Because they're going to have to spend some money, right?

Why not, instead, make a pledge to accept no more than $100 from any donor?


Please listen to Ruby and David and me. There's no shame or compromise in asking for and receiving financial support. In fact, it's the best vehicle for getting your message out early. Don't go it alone. Recruit a campaign manager who knows the rules and records your contributions. Then advertise your candidacy widely and stump your butt off and win this thing.

In other words, get serious. Good press is valuable and free, but the voters want to hear from you directly.

There is nothing "noble" (as David said) about running for Congress and refusing to fundraise. It's a complete waste of everyone's time, and it only hurts the platform you want to promote by making it look like a joke. I won't waste my time on such a candidate.

First, let me thank you guys for the input.Your feedback and candid criticism will help me stay focused, and I hope we can continue the dialogue between now and May 2nd.I don't want to bore folks or monopolize this blog, so if it gets to that point just tell me to step off.

David :
Please don't take this in an unkind way, but you lost because 1)folks in Carrboro were happy with the incumbent board(at least those who were allowed to vote) and 2) you had no message that differed from the status quo.

I think your question is a good one and difficult to answer,but let me try and hopefully without sounding glib or condescending. I would have preferred that a "legitimate" progressive would have wanted the job so I would have a reason to go the polls on May 2nd. Alas, no one stepped forward and I could find no info to suggest that anyone would. So I put up the $1650 filing fee to preserve for the progressives in district 4 an opportunity to hold Bush/Cheney(and David Price !)accountable.

I want to be the voice of the 4th district that holds both parties accountable. I want the honor of being the first NC dem. to co-sponsor the conyers res. and the murtha res.
I want to return home once i complete my one term in office.

Catherine,Mark,Ruby,Joan et al :

You ask that I get serious, and I appreciate your encouragement, but allow me to turn the tables and suggest that the network of progressive Dem. orgs. get serious and get behind this campaign now that there is a candidate willing to take on Price.
I have no org. and no political experience. To run a campaign that you folks are asking for would have required a year or two of foundation laying, and no "legitmate" candidate wanted to do that. To think that I can create a campaign machine from scratch to compete with Price is naive (no offense intended).

The issue is there plain and simple : Impeach Bush and end the war in Iraq. You have only one candidate running on that platform.

Cannot the various progressive groups in the 4th district coalesce around this ?

Cannot the various groups decide to raise money and hold rallys for an "impeach bush" campaign ? If so, I would welcome the opportunity to attend every event possible.

Cannot the progressive orgs. encourage members to write letters to the editors,make signs, and whatever else to advocate impeachment ?

"Impeach Bush ! We take the first step on may 2nd"

I have to go to work tomorrow just like the rest of you.I have to worry about filing taxes like the rest of you.I am committed to giving my free time to this campaign. And if the progressive community can generate enough activity and buzz to the extent that it would be helpful for me to take a leave of absence to give more time,then I will do so gladly.


I especially appreciate your bluntness and skepticism.I think I would enjoy a cup of coffee(or better yet a couple of beers)with you sometime. You sound a lot like me !

You are right. This campaign can be easily marginalized and become a joke. But it looks like I'm the only alternative to more of David Price.

Permit me to be equally blunt : What are you progressives going to do about it ?

By the way, there will be an Impeach Bush meeting at the Chapel Hill Town Hall on Tuesday, February 28 at 7 PM. I will be there and would enjoy meeting any of you guys who plan to be there.

One final note... If you manage to get me elected then you will have but two years to groom my replacement.

Thanks again for giving me this forum.


Former Orange County School Board member Betty Tom Davidson filed for County Commissioner this morning.

What's her story?

Barry Jacobs is now officially filed so we will have a competitive Democratic primary.


I think you meant to say "competitive".

just to let folks know my web site is active :



A couple of reactions:

Kent Kanoy:
>But it looks like I'm the only alternative to more of David Price.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that there are alternatives, and Price has already lost to one such alternative, remember.

George C:
>Moral victories may be nice but actual victories have more meaning.

I can't think of a better reason to vote for Price.

Having a freshman congressman go to Washington to sponsor a handful of bills that will just sit there and go nowhere might feel like a moral victory, but I'm afraid it will do me less good than a congressman who has some seniority, experience and good principles.

I say this as someone who fully supports Kanoy's platform. I learned my lesson in 1968 when I wrote in Gene McCarthy.


your points are valid and i cannot argue with them.Your position may very well explain why no professional politician filed against price, ie. progressive dems are happy with price, moderate dems are happy with price,and conservative dems are happy with price.

re: price and his seniority, last year he parlayed his influence into initiating 12 resolutions which include establishing a national horticulture therapy week, congratulating the unc basketball team,encouraging greece and the former yugoslav republic to come up with a mutually agreeable name for the former yugoslav republic,and suspending duty on tetracanozole.

as you may know, david price was nudged into signing a letter calling for the bush/cheney administration to call a special counsel to investigate the warrantless spy matter. yesterday, the bush administration rejected the letter and suggested that congress investigate the circumstances surrounding the leak of the nsa spy program.

is there any kind of "victory" to be found in that effort ?

i believe that co-sponsoring the conyers and murtha resolutions trump national horticulture therapy week.

at any rate, thanks for the feedback. i am new at this,obviously, and i am finding the criticism very helpful.


Kent, if elected, would you consider introducing a resolution to congratulate the UNC basketball team? (After the men or women win a national championship, of course.)


Are you kidding me with this "12 resolutions" stuff? Are you really trying to suggest that's all he's done?

Because I don't even know how to respond to that. It's crazy.

Kent, it's easy to draw the wrong conclusions about the effectiveness of a representative by just looking at the resolutions introduced and the bills sponsored. Woodrow Wilson said it best years ago - Congress at work is Congress in committee. That's where the work gets done. Seniority of course allows you to be a ranking member and having your party in the majority gets you the chair. The best measure, in my opinion, of the effestiveness of a member is how they are able to shape and manage legislation that furthers the public interest and the needs of the people they represent.

Sure, the fluff resolutions are a staple of Congress, but if you really want to know what a member's impact is ask their colleagues who is an effective "work horse" in the things that matter.

As for the letter, note that the group of 18 House Democrats was led by Reps. Price and Zoe Lofgren (CA). Note also that Rep Conyers (MI) signed the letter.

As for the Conyers impeachment resolution (H.RES.635), there are 26 cosponsors but I don't see Mutha listed. Have you wondered why more Democrats haven't signed on as cosponsors? I don't think the answer is fear.

Actually Kent, I've changed my mind; I do know how to respond to that:

You are pretending that David Price is some sort of ineffectual lightweight, but the truth is, he's not.

You don't like the War in Iraq? Neither does David Price. He voted against the initial war resolution, and he sponored the House version of the Feingold resolution which calls for troop withdrawal. He's also signed on to sponsor a bill to hold security contractors in Iraq accountable for their actions.

You don't like GOP corruption? Neither does David Price. He's one of four sponors of the ethics reform package to clean up lobbying. And he's endorsed the calls for a special investigator.

Meanwhile, he is a senior Democrat on the Appopriations committee, and if we win back the House, he will be even more influential. I mean, do you understand how important that is? How good that is for our community? Look at the grants that come to our district because of him. Like $200,000 to the Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation last month. That money doesn't appear out of thin air, and it isn't a gift. Our community recieves those grants because David Price fights for them.

If you really want to see change in this country, then we have to win back Congress. And the only thing you're doing in this race is diverting resources from Heath Shuler in his fight against Charles Taylor and whoever gets tapped to run against Robin Hayes. Your hurting the cause of a progressive America.


not only will i introduce a resolution commending the unc teams if they win the championship, i will introduce a resolution commending the men's team for their successful season, for overcoming the loss of the seven leading scorers, and for refusing to accept the low expectations of many of their supporters.


i like david price. i have voted for him many times. i am sure he works behind the scenes to do great things for the district. he is proud to say he works across party lines and resists when he must. if folks are either happy with his national leadership or don't care about having a rep. willing to stick his neck out on what many consider a grave national crisis, then i wish them no ill will in supporting price. but my intuition is that some folks in the 4th district are fed up with dems in congress who are afraid of the bush/cheney/rove administration, and i want to give those people a reason to vote on may 2nd. if i'm wrong,then i will gladly yield to the will of dem voters in the 4th district.


i respectfully disagree. i believe national dems have been running scared since the clinton impeachment. i think house dems will not sign hr 635 or hj73 because they fear those votes will be used against them in the general election.



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