Bob Hall at Hargraves Thursday

I just got the following announcement by e-mail.

Also the LWV candidate forum is tonight in Hillsborough!

You're Invited.....

Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina is the guest speaker at a public meeting hosted by the League of Women Voters Orange-Durham-Chatham chapter on

Thursday, April 20 at 10 am
at the Hargraves Center
216 N. Robeson St. (which runs off Rosemary St., next to Dip's Restaurant)
Chapel Hill

He'll be talking on the theme: "Fulfilling the Promise of Democracy in North Carolina." He will discuss the current state of state-level campaign finance reform, lobbying reform, voting-rights issues, and pending legislation at the N.C. General Assembly.

Join us at the Hargraves Center at 10 am for this informative discussion.

Refreshments will be served.

I'm not sure what's up with "public" meetings at 10 am on a week day, though. :-(


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