Cleaning house

The weather is georgeous and we are going to do some spring cleaning at Orange Politics. There are currently about 50 unpublished guest posts hanging out in the system. We need to clean these up so that new posts can be easily found.

There is one small change to the guest posting instructions. You no longer need to inform the editors of your post. But this means that if you are working on an entry and are not ready for it to be published yet, you must save as "Private" to keep the editor's prying eyes out.

All old guests posts still in the queue by Thursday at 5 pm will be deleted.

And here are the updated instructions (with changes indicated by underline and strikeout). Remember they are always available on the right side of every page via the How to post on OP link.

Readers are encouraged to submit short, progressive opinion pieces for publication on OrangePolitics. The rules are that it be local, informative, and not express a typically conservative viewpoint. This last criterion is obviously subjective and is decided by the editor.

  1. Click on the Register link near the top of the right side of the page
    (or Site Admin if you already have an account).
  2. Create your Profile by clicking on the Users tab.
    You MUST fill in at least your first and last names for your post to be published.
  3. Click on the Write tab to compose your post.
    Save it as a Draft if you are ready to publish (or Private if not).
  4. Contact the editor to indicate that your post is ready.

Everything published on OrangePolitics is at the editor's discretion and is subject to minor editorial changes.

It's amazing how many people forget step 2. This is NOT optional, folks...


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