Earth Day summit on carbon reduction

Guest Post by Dennis Markatos-Soriano

You are all invited to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro CRed Summit!

11:30am-2:30pm, Earth Day Saturday, April 22, 2006
Carrboro Century Center

A gathering to develop our commitment to local CRed (Carbon Reduction) climate stewardship from the written page to coordinated action that can achieve results.

We have commitments to participate from both local Mayors, members of the Chapel Hill Town Council, Carrboro Board of Aldermen, Orange County Commissioners, our State Senator Ellie Kinnaird, State Representative Verla Insko, students and faculty at the University, leaders of OWASA, and representatives of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce.

Key stakeholders that we aim to bring together include:

-Elected officials and staff in the Towns, County, state, and federal level
-Staff and officials at the University
-Members of the business community
-Students who can contribute to the process (from the University and local K-12 system)
-Local citizens who want to help our community achieve the CRed goals

As the Kyoto Summit in 1997 was a step towards getting commitments from constituents of the global community, we aim for the CRed Summit of 2006 to help us get the Chapel Hill/Carrboro on the trajectory to achieve a 60% reduction in carbon emissions by as early as 2025 and no later than 2050. Our focus areas are coming together within the main areas of energy and transportation. This will be a time to get some work done and make progress, and we can celebrate what takes place at Earth Action Fest the following weekend, Sunday, April 30th at the Carrboro Town Commons (

11:30am-12:30pm Brunch with presentations in Century Hall (by Dennis Markatos-Soriano, Doug Crawford-Brown, & Dave Stancil)
12:35-1:25 Strategy Breakouts in Transportation & Energy
[Quick Break]
1:30-1:55pm Continued Strategy Breakouts
2-2:30pm Closing with Reportbacks from Breakouts

With any questions and input or to RSVP (do so soon as space is limited), please contact us at SURGE, Students United for a Responsible Global Environment: 960-6886

Aveda Institute, Alpine Bagels, Larry's Beans
Jane & Adam Stein, Nested
Dixon Weinstein Architects, Jim Protzman & Jane Brown, Townsend Bertram & Co., Center for Ecozoic Studies, Town of Carrboro, Foundation for a Sustainable Community
Weaver Street Realty & Whole Foods
Greenbridge, East West Partners Management



Does anyone have any further information on Doug Crawford-Brown's relationship with Progress Energy?

I believe he is instrumental in some new environmental program at UNC that Progress Energy is giving something like $150,000 to found. Is Crawford-Brown involved in this application of lipstick to the mighty pig that is Progress Energy?

I believe that UNC's Carolina Environmental Program, of which Doug Crawford-Brown is director, is under a state mandate to work with local industry to improve their environmental performance. In short, he HAS to work with Progress Energy. The fact that they are willing to foot some of the bill is a good sign.

Dirty business.

Kudos to Dennis and the students/volunteers of SURGE for an excellent summit.


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