It's Carrboro Update

The song that's sweeping southern Orange County now has it's own web site, and the video shoot is on for this weekend!

Group Video Shoot! Wilson Park, April 30th, 2PM!!!

That's right, Carrboro! Your time to shine on camera is now… that is, April 30th! At 2PM!! At Wilson Park!! It's gonna be a party, and I mean that. We will cater the event. We're going the whole nine yards. Bring your friends as this will be the biggest, most awesome party ever filmed!

Come show that local politicos know how to have fun, too. :-)



Ruby, thanks for posting this! All note that there's no dress code, and pets could get in the way.

Weather on Sunday is predicted sunny and high 60's.

FYI- From what I can tell, Weaver Street is going to be CLOSED Sunday, APril 30th at 2:00 PM in order to facilitate the Earth Action Fest March to the Town Commons.

I don't know if this has any bearing on shooting video downtown. You may want to contact the Earth Action Fest folks.

There's been plenty of contact with the Earth Action folks. Long story. We planned to share the cost of street closing with Earth Action, but the estimated cost, over a thousand bucks, was prohibitive. So Brian moved the shoot to Wilson Park. No interference with the Earth Action march on Weaver Street.

Come to the Cat's Cradle tonight for the WORLD PREMIERE of the "It's Carrboro" video following the Flicker Film Festival. Flicker starts at 8:30 and is always interesting. $3 to get in.

Video now online at the above website in Quicktime or even more easily viewed at youtube

Notice the shout out to OP in the closing credits!

I recognize that band, it's the Wonderbreads, right??

Nice cameo, Mark!

Thanks for the user-friendly link, Mark.


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