Tune in to the forum

WCHL (1360 AM) will holding its annual Forum on air today from 8 am to 6 pm. I can't find the schedule on their site, but they generally dedicate each hour to a different topic with 4-6 guests and a couple of journalists.

It probably won't be as exciting as in 2004, when the forum was kicked off by a tense 2-hour tete-a-tete over UNC development.

In 2005, I was a particpant in the "Civil Rights & Equality" topic. This year I'll be on during the 3 pm hour in which the topic is "Community Diversity," which appears to be a re-phrasing of the same issue(s). And I'm still frustrated at the hourly separation of topics because of course I have things to say about all of them! ;-)

The WCHL web site has improved dramatically lately, but it's still lacking. Maybe next year they can post the schedule of topics before the event starts. I'm not sure if you can call in, but you can also e-mail questions to cdixon@wchl1360.com



8:00-10:00 AM Town-Gown Relations
10:00 AM Establishing a Sustainable Economic Vision
11:00 AM The Workforce Question- Jobs and Housing
12:00 Noon Crime & Safety
1:00 PM Transportation, Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
2:00 PM Carrboro: Growing Upward
3:00 PM Community Diversity
4:00 PM Education
5:00 PM Downtown Chapel Hill

Two funny things so far. One, the conceit that CAN still exists.

Two, a bridging commercial from East/West Partners for Meadowmont's newly proposed "University Village".

"...University Village, pending Council approval..."

Got to like that one of the selling points of the project is ubiquitous Internet connectivity.

Moeser - "Centennial campus is a smashing success" ... "Centennial campus has been a big success for State"

What koolaid has he been drinking? Decades in, I think it's still debatable.

For anyone else listening, does Kevin Foy sound a bit testy?

Comments @ 929-9245

Kevin is having a bit of a problem answering the question on HWCC being disolved and where citizens voices will be heard again...

I'm disappointed that he's reiterating the line that the "work was done". The HWCC quite clearly stated in Jan. '06 that there was much more work for the committee to do, the committee provided a plan of action and a timeline of work.

My sub-committee, the HWCC environmental group, is trucking right along and will be pushing forward to a mid-May presentation.

FYI, I have requested and WCHL has agreed to move to the Downtown topic. So I will be on at 5:00 instead of 3:00. As if y'all care. ;-)

Am I hallucinating or did I just hear Ed Harrison say that the most important factor in getting people to let go of their cars and use transit is "making sure they have a place to put their cars when they get there?"

How about land-use planning that reduces the need for cars? How about efficient and reliable transit systems? How about critical mass downtown?

And this from a cyclist. Oy.

Nope, you didn't imagine it...

He went on to say that there's a square mile of Downtown without any parking.

It was interesting this morning that one of the UNC reps pitched Ramshead Plaza parking - "...just $1.25 per hour...great for visitors..."

Maybe Ed was talking about encouraging visitors to come to town, including those of us who can't afford to live close enough to ride the bus without first going to a park and ride.

Land use policies can and should affect what *will* happen but hopefully the towns will continue to support past policies by recognizing that what *was* done can't be ignored.



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