Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Just kidding! Thanks to Lance at BlueNC for posting a link to the "County Salaries in North Carolina 2006" report.

Sifting through it for Orange County information, I find:

Est. Pop'n 2005
Approx Valuation 2004-05 (millions)
Chair of Board of Commissioners
County Commissioner
County Manager

$15,407 + $3,300 travel
$111,807* + $2,700 travel

* That BOC salary has to be a typo!

Board of elections Chair
Board of elections Member
Elections Director
Elections Specialist

$50 per meeting
$40 per meeting


County Clerk
Planning Director
IT Director
Social Services Director


It goes on to cover salaries and benefits for dozens of other positions for all 100 counties in North Carolina. I'm not trying to make any particular point with this, I just think it's interesting and the kind of thing voters should know. In fact, I'd like to see a similar report on municipal salaries...



Municipal salaries are public info. All we (or you, the citizen journalist!) would need to do is request the information; I suspect the town has it sitting somewhere on a spreadsheet.

CH Town Manager $148,301 + $7000 car allowance, $20,000 life insurance, medical insurance, 23 days paid leave, 5% 401K Plan

Orange County Mgr. $148,633 + leased car, $50,000 life insurance, 25.2 paid leave, medical insurance, $650 401K plan

Carrboro Town Mgr. $129,519 leased car, $15,000 life insurance, 26 days leave, 5% 401K,

Neil Pedersen makes abbout $150,000 + bennies I believe.

while I realize you just cut and pasted from the erroneous source document, Orange County commissioners do not get $111,000 each

That's why I wrote "That BOC salary has to be a typo!", Gerry. Maybe I should make it bigger/more prominent.

Chris, I'm well aware of the availability of the information, what I'm suggesting is a report comparing regional or state data.

Mark, thanks!

I hope we revist the CH Town Mgr. salary when we hire the new manager.

It'd be nice to reset to a point that is competitive but also allows for some room for growth. I thought the last bump for Cal and Ralph, even if it was a "reward" for their work on the RAM development, was too much.

The Town does regular salary surveys as part of its efforts to keep salaries competitive in Chapel Hill and minimize attrition due to salary offerings. They survey different municipalities in the surrounding area annually. the general consensus is that Chapel Hill is competitive with its neighbors, except in a few job classifications.

Anita, we should get the most talented (not necessarily most experienced) manager we can but...we should try to do it at a price we can afford to continue to pay.

Pay for the manager, with perks like %5 401K matching - $7000 car allowance - etc. - seems high to me (someone embedded in the profit-based world) but I'd be willing to pay it for someone that will lead town to a higer level of operation efficiency, has a better touch with all levels of staff and will bring a fresh perspective on leadership at all levels.

On a side note, could you publish the criteria used to select our candidates. Early reports had the list peg at over 100 items culled from Council, staff and other interested parties? Also, care to comment on the Chambers perspective - pre-selection and currently?

Will, I will check with the town and make sure that capabilities profile is posted on the website. I thought it had been already.

I have not discussed this work with nor solicited any input from anyone at the Chamber. It would be inappropriate for me to do so. The town is my client, and it is my responsbility to meet their needs and wishes. I also have recused myself from the Carolina North Leadership Advisory Council until this search is finished.

Thanks Anita for checking on the profile.

The HeraldSun has published Ragan's and Stancil's Q&A responses. It'll be nice to line up the requirements with their published perspective.

I didn't mean to put you in a bind as far as the Chamber. I understand the delicate dance you have to perform as a leading light in the community and a key participant in the selection process.

I've read what I could find about the Chamber's perspective on the selection process. What I've read was kind of vague. I thought you might be able to direct our attention to any specifics on the Chamber's requirements/desires.

No problem Will, I didn't take it that way at all.

I just want to be sure that I stay in integrity with my client. I would rather err on the side of caution, I'm not one to walk too close to an edge!

I am not sure if the Chamber has a position on the selection process--I would not have participated in that discussion---but Aaron or someone at the Chamber might be able to help you.

Reminder--the candidates will be at a public forum on Wednesday the 22nd in Council chambers, starting at 7 PM. The candidates will each do a presentation--10-15 minutes--and the public will be able to ask questions. Be sure to come out! My understanding is that it will also be broadcast in the same manner as council meetings.

From the Town website under Manager Search section

Town Council, Public Forum, Council Chambers,
7 p.m.–10 p.m.

The Council will receive feedback from the public about the finalists. The candidates will make short presentations, then will be available for questions by the public and Council.

Anita, do you know if questions can be submitted ahead of time, will there be a moderator who screens them, or just a 'raise your hand, pass the mic' approach?

I think it's a combination. The Mayor is moderating, I think he will take "live" questions from the audience during the meeting, and people can also email questions in that the Mayor will ask.


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