Modification #3

I just received the following e-mail from UNC local relations director Linda Convissor. Development plan modifications can range from massive to minor, and the Town is required (by the OI-4 zoning regulation) to review and approve it in 120 days - less time than a typical special use permit.

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Many of you have expressed interest in our campus planning and the Town of Chapel Hill's review of our construction plans. I wanted to let you know that on June 12 we submitted an application for modification of the campus Development Plan to the Town. This followed the April 19 concept plan review by the Town Council.

Development Plan Modification 3 consists of several new projects while others are revisions to projects the Town has previously approved. The projects include pedestrian improvements, academic, research and office buildings, infrastructure and athletic facilities. There are three parking deck proposals that shift spaces but do not add any additional parking spaces beyond what the Town has previously approved.

The transmittal letter and the full Development Plan Modification 3 can be found at ; you can find the description of the projects on page 11.

Please note several adjustments that were made to the Development Plan since the Town's concept plan review: an extension to the Carolina Inn to allow for additional guest suites, a shift in location of a previously-approved chiller plant in the Bell Tower parking lot and a change to allow the peaked roof of the performance hall in the Arts Common to conceal mechanical equipment.

The next step is for the Town to schedule and notice a public information meeting on the Development Plan modification.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you would like more information. We know there is great community interest in campus development and look forward to sharing this information as broadly as possible.

Please forward this email to others who may be interested, especially if you are a contact person for your neighborhood or community group.



Linda Convissor
Director of Local Relations
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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