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With all the discussion of the strange management decisions at Carr Mill Mall and Weaver Street Market, and the recent announcement that WSM will move its offices and most of its kitchen to Hillsborough to make way for expansion in downtown Carrboro, it seems like a good time to mention that the annual election of WSM board members is coming up, and there is a board meeting tonight.

I couldn't find anything about it on their website, but there's a bunch of information in the latest "Owner News" which I don't care to transcribe. Short version:
Candidate info is now available at the service desk in WSM
Board applications due - 9/19/06, 9pm
Annual meeting with election of board members - 11/5/06, noon
Open board meetings - 8/16/06 (TODAY!) & 9/21/06, no time given :-(

And there is a bunch more information about board member responsibilities, etc. We have written before on OP (2005, 2004 twice) about the need for some new blood and fresh perspectives on the WSM board. There's no time like the present...



Does anyone have any information on what transpired at this board meeting, with respect to the "strange" management decisions on the part of the Carr Mill Mall owners? Was there an update on steps being taken to address the situation? Anything new?

When the Hillsborough Board initially denied WSM's application for a store, e-mails were sent to members apprising them of the situation and asking for help.

I can't help but wonder if there isn't more to the story than just some mall manager issuing an edict. Why hasn't WSM sent out info to members clarifying what is going on? The ban on "public expression" (or whatever it is...) might seem at first glance to be trivial, but actually connects to a vision of how the market relates to the community.

Do I understand you correctly? When the store wants to expand they 'inform' our members of the situation via e-mail? Makes me wonder why they can't 'inform' us regarding board decisions and the like.

I think it's fairly clear what's going on. Carr Mill management is exerting its authority over the use of the lawn because it believes that certain activities taking place there (Bruce dancing etc.) may be detrimental for certain of its retail tenants - it's not clear which businesses those might be but it certainly wouldn't include Weaver Street Market. My impression is that the management action followed actual comments from one or more of those tenants. As this ban is based on a perception of retail customer disquiet, the best course of action of action that folks can take if they want to turn this around is to keep doing what they're doing: lobbying the management company directly, and making sure that -all- the business tenants of Carr Mill know their feelings too. Weaver Street Market has already received plenty of customer and owner feedback on this issue and welcomes more. This feedback will certainly, as always, inform its actions including in its dealings with the landlord. But be sure to connect with the other retail tenants too.

While I am not a resident of the triangle, I visit here often (I am here right now). Weaver Street Market is a gem of this area and the electic patrons are part of it's charm. I enjoy sitting outside and watching the people who frequent this market. We don't have anything like this in Charlotte ( the people on the lawn) and it will be a shame to lose it.

GN, we like it, too. That's why some of use are advocating (see other thread) the Town of Carrboro looking into an additional location to serve either as WSM-2, or as a replacement in the event the Carr Mill Management closes the lawn.

It would be nice if Charlotte and other cities around could figure out how to have similar Commons-type areas. It would be challenging in cities with big sprawl, but perhaps not impossible.

Why hasn't WSM sent out info to members clarifying what is going on?

Someone at Weaver Street Market told me that Ruffin Slater didn't comment in the Herald Sun article to protect their relationship with Carr Mill management. WSM wants to expand their kitchen so they'd like to be on good terms with management. Rumor or fact?

Is it more important for WSM to please their landlords than to stand up for the values its customers hold dear? I understand practical relationship management but a general statement of support for personal freedom would be a good idea. :)

Is it possible that our CoOp doesn't really share our community values when their business interests are on the line? I think the individuals that work and shop at WSM share our values. What about the WSM organization?

"Your silence will not protect you!" -Audre Lorde

I suppose the closest thing Charlotte has to WSM right now is the much smaller Common Market in Plaza Midwood, which is a great little funky neighborhood on the East Side. There is no lawn per se outside CM but there are always a variety of folks hanging around and a weekend Farmers Mkt has been started out front every weekend. I would hope that there could a meeting of minds to preserve the commons in front of WSM. There were complaints about the Friday Drum Circle in Pritchard Park in Asheville a few mths ago. All interested parties met and the drum circle is continuing with consideration for all residents. Carrboro is so small a meeting of the minds should be possible.

Shouldn't the notes from the WSM board meeting be available to all members? James, aren't you on the board?

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