Partnership's priorities

After the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership spent considerable time and money last spring developing their retro logo and slogan, their board has decided it will not pony up for a local artist to assess the condition of downtown's murals.

If someone's going to put money into assessing the condition of the murals painted on various walls around town, it likely won't be the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership.

The partnership's board declined Wednesday to earmark $800 for artist Michael Brown to spend about three days studying the state of the murals and writing up a report on their condition. The board had expressed some doubts this spring about paying for an assessment and deferred action, and partnership director Liz Parham brought the matter back to the board's agenda Wednesday.
- Downtown group declines to pay for assessing murals, 8/24/06

How much do you think Downtown Partnership paid for their branding and upcoming website from The Splinter Group? I'd guess that you can add at least one zero more than Michael Brown would charge to lay the groundwork to preserve some of the actual creativity on display in downtown Chapel Hill.



Maybe tI'm showing my ignorance about how these things work, but wouldn't an artist who wanted the work to repair or update the murals do an evaluation and cost estimate free of charge as part of their bid to get the job? I've never paid someone to bid on a project. What will this person do that is different from what I am thinking?

Seems sort of like a scam when it's the artist who designed and painted many of the murals in the first place... and now he want to charge them to say how much it would cost to fix them? I wonder if he's related to Bill Gates?!


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