Welcome home, students

It's another bittersweet end of summer. The students are back, and the first-years are wandering around as lost as ever. I love the heat, but I'm ready for it to start feeling like fall any day now.

Looks like this year's Daily Tarheel Tar Heel editor is a local!

In his new job as editor of the Daily Tar Heel, Joe Schwartz says he wants to keep the paper focused on not just UNC, but all of Orange County.

Schwartz graduated from Chapel Hill High School.

- WCHL 1360: New DTH editor familar [sic] with Chapel Hill, 8/28/06

Looks like Joe knows at least one thing blogs are good for: speaking in your own words instead of just being filtered by the media. ;-)

Dan Siler: Being from Chapel Hill gives you a unique perspective to share with your staff, how do you use it?

I talked about how I know the area. Great. I didn't ever leave Chapel Hill. If I weren't able to use that for the newspaper, or say having connections to South Building as an SBP, it might make me seem kind of scared of the outside world.

Revised answer: Growing up reading the Chapel Hill Herald, I'm able to tell them what not to do.

- The Daily Tar Heel » Blog Archive » Feedback anyone?

I've been impressed with the depth of coverage the DTH gives to issues that are sometimes ignored by other media outlets. But they could also use more depth of knowledge about those local issues. It will be interesting to watch and see if there are any changes this year.



Not to pick at nits here, but "Tarheel" is actually two words - Tar Heel (even if the store on Franklin St. gets it wrong).

Would you say Bluedevils or Demondeacons?

Duly noted, Allan. At least they don't call it "the DiTcH" any more like we did as undergrads.

I'm a fan of the DTH - reading it through thick and thin.

It's good they kept the 'blogs but the register to comment my be a bit off-putting.

Ryan set some pretty high standards for community participation (especially notable, voter education/encouragment) which I expect Joe will maintain.

Joe's formed an investigative team (which includes former city guy Ted Strong) to take the time to dig into issues and cover them over time, in depth. I look forward to their output.

So far (in the 1st week ;-) they've had fairly good coverage of the local scene (i.e. stuff I usually read). I expect that coverage and a deeper analysis only to improve as his writers get their legs underneath them....

Thanks Ruby.

It's a pet peeve of mine. Just my anal retentive nature showing through.

I'm excited about the investigative team. It's something the DTH had way back in the halcyon days of my sophomore year, 2003-04, and they did some good work, including lots of watchdog stuff of local elections (campaign finance and all that jazz).

I know this year's crew, and they'll do equally good work.

I've heard a few folks call it "The DiTcH," but sadly that apellation seems to be fading. Though I do think that being a local gives me a few advantages, the WCHL headline was a bit over the top, "New DTH editor familar (spelled wrong) with Chapel Hill." Wow. It's as if Ryan and those before me knew nothing of our little part of Southern Heaven.

Tuck knew the ins and outs of town hall and would reference land use management plans from the 80s as if he helped develop them. I might be a bit more in tune with what it's like to grow up in the town and have a better sense of the pulse of nonstudents, but every DTH leader is "familar with Chapel Hill."

I'm delighted to know that a local is Editor of the DiTcH (and I have referred to it as that for the last 16 years, a nickname that I learned from another local who works there).

Maybe it will restore some needed depth that has been sadly lacking.

I remember the article that gave the results of the last local elections when Mark Chilton won the Carrboro Mayorship. It only noted the occurance, and (as far as i could see) made no mention that he himself had worked at the DiTcH, and been the first full-time student elected to the CH town council.

That was a pretty amazing gaff. It made me start to think that I an really old or something.


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