Keep dancing - Wednesdays on Weaver Street

Guest post by Michal OsterweilWe're still here... and we still want to dance!For more of that community magic and power...Same time, same place, same dance... let Carr Mill know that we still care about this issue and we are not going to just get bored and go away. Lets make this one even bigger.Bring your friends, musical instruments... and your dancing shoes!WSM lawn, Wednesday, September 6, 5:30 PM, the Carrboro community dances back!Please forward widely. Michal Osterweil is a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill working on her doctoral research on the Italian Global Justice Movement and World Social Forum Movement(s). She is also a local activist interested especially in creating spaces and institutions for developing more sustainable and democratic practices. Her research areas and interests include social movements, globalization, resistance / politics, feminist theory and the relationship between knowledge production and political change. She has also been active with the local anti-war movement and international global justice movements.



If you held these events at different times, you might attract some of us who can't make it on Wednesday evenings.

I was thinking--why not push the town to close the block in front of WSM one day (or even one night) per week, making the street public space? I know Ruby said the mall owner screamed when something like this was proposed before, but he doesn't control the street. One day a week would allow for an assessment as to whether this could be made permanent without messing up downtown retail.

Some of us work until 6pm or later. Some weekend dancing would be good too. It might garner some attention as well.


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