Missing Madison

In July, I wondered what people were thinking about the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference to be held in Madison, WI by the local "Community Leadership Council" on September 24-26. I considered participating in it, and in fact my husband and I both applied for scholarships to attend.

However, in addition to the fact that we did not receive the amount of scholarship requested ($1,300 for two of us, for a conference costing $2,190), the timing of the trip is singularly bad for us, and we simply cannot attend without throwing our lives into disarray. But! Just because the bloggers aren't going is no reason to for all of us who are staying home to miss out on what I'm sure will be interesting experiences for the folks in Madison.

I have suggested to the director of the Chamber of Commerce that they either set-up their own blog for the travellers or use OrangePolitics to help document the trip as it happens. The offer still stands...



Ruby, I am sorry you won't be joining us. I understand the juggle of finances and timing. I do want to share with your readers that the Foundation received requests for over 14,100 in scholarships from 20 applicants and was very pleased to be able to award some scholarship money to all 20 applicants. We had a total of $10,000 in scholarship funds available. I know we all wish we had more funds and could fully fund all the requests.

Thank you for your offer of OP as a vehicle for communicating about the Inter-City visit to the local community. I for one will not have a computer with me---we only have one laptop and my husband's business use takes precedence!---but I am sure others will and I will do my best to see if some of them will keep your readers informed.

If we could just get Rob S. to 'blog the news ! And Dan, I expect some off-air, on-line podcast of what's going on.

Madison's pay-2-play WIFI initiative is rolling out - coverage in this events area should sufficient to even stream video (if one was so inclined).


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