Orange County: Ready for Prime Time?

In what the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau has highlighted as a national publicity coup, Mark Kleinschmidt takes viewers on a tour of Chapel Hill in an episode of the LOGO Channel's U.S. of Ant show:

Ant talks politics with Mark, an openly gay city council member in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He shows him around town and is soon introduced to Thomas, a student at Chapel Hill who was the victim of a gay bashing.

I don't doubt that the Visitors Bureau is correct about the public relations value of this segment for its audience. Says Director Laurie Paolicelli, "Special thanks to Mark and Mike for carrying the torch and making national viewers/travelers even more aware of our area."

We locals will find the bussing and hugging a salutary alternative to the serious business of mainstream TV journalism.

[Note: those of you who've been around as long as he has will forgive Mike's forgetting that he first ran for Alderman in 1989, not 1993.]



Thanks very much for the notice, Dan. It would be nice to be able to watch this--but, oddly, neither Logo, nor the competing LGBT-oriented cable channel, Here TV, are available on Time Warner Cable in Carrboro.

Nor, for that matter, is The People's Channel. (On the government-access channel we in Carrboro can watch the Chapel Hill Town Council, which doesn't represent us, but can't watch the Orange County Board, which does, coz the latter's on The People's Channel.)

Nor is Telemundo, one of the two major Spanish-language networks in the U.S., in a town where about 15% of our residents are native Spanish speakers.

So, may I pose a question?: Do we not have a Cable TV Commission in Carrboro in part to assure that, among the hundreds of digital channels available on our cable system, our provider includes at least some programming for all significant segments of the community?

Thanks for reminding me of something I've long wanted to bring up and neglected to till now.

Mark H.

Carrboro does have a Cable TV Committee. You can read about it and find the member list here.


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